Sun Life has recently upgraded our email communication platform to enhance our messages to you and your employees. Our new platform has many new features, capabilities and advantages, compared to our previous platform. 

If you have not already done this, we recommend that you cybersecurity allowlist (“allowlist”) our new servers and domains. This will ensure your employees continue to get group-sponsored emails from Sun Life. 

What is allowlisting? Companies usually set up email filters to block spam. These filters can also allowlist certain senders. This protects email from rejection or going to a junk mail folder. It’s the opposite of cybersecurity blocklisting. 

If you don’t update allowlisting, your corporate email server may block the Sun Life domain. Please ask your IT or intake team to allowlist these new IP addresses and domain names for uninterrupted email delivery: 

Sun Life SMTP servers:

Sun Life Domains:

If you need more information, the FAQs below can help.


What if we don’t allowlist? Allowlisting is a best practice to lower the risk of low or blocked email delivery. It ensures high volume emails and alerts (like claim and statement alerts) don’t have any issues getting to recipients. If you choose not to allowlist, we will let you know of any delivery issues.

Should we keep or remove existing allowlisted email addresses? If you have allowlisted Sun Life domains before, we recommend that you keep them allowlisted for now. In the future, as we centralize our email delivery, you will be able to remove them.

What types of emails are you referring to? Allowlisting will help reenrollment and welcome emails arrive. It could also help with delivery of critical events notices and engagement campaigns. These could be service or solutions, education and awareness materials. Finally, allowlisting will help alerts, like confirmations or statement and change notices, go through.

Do I need to allowlist proxy and firewall? No, you do not need to allowlist proxy and firewall. 

We have allowlisted, can you try emailing me? We understand sending an email from our domains gives some people piece of mind. However, one email is often not enough to trigger email filters. We will be monitoring our future email deployments. If we see an issue with the delivery of your messages, we will notify you. 


Please contact your Sun Life Group Retirement Services representative.