Learn About Enrol

Workplace savings transformed with quick and easy enrolment.

Our Clients are at the heart of everything we do. We’re working every day to make saving for retirement an easier, faster and more personal experience. Like you, we want to ensure your employees make the most of their workplace savings plan for a brighter future. 

Learn About my plan

my plan is a mobile-optimized hub on mysunlife.ca.

It allows plan members to see all their workplace savings information in one place. It’s a personalized digital solution that lets them take full advantage of their workplace savings plan.

In addition, my plan can now be configured to automatically display the achievement tower to show members’ goal progress.

my plan provides:

  • Helpful tips to make sure plan members don’t miss out on savings opportunities
  • Information that’s always up to date
  • One easy-to-navigate, consolidated page
  • One place for plan members to learn about, understand and act on their workplace plan

Learn About MAX Review

Regular financial check-ups made easy with MAX Review.

Employees intend to get around to making the most of their workplace retirement and savings plan, but often don't. MAX Review makes it easy for them to take action with regular reminders and a guided, online process that shows them how to maximize their benefits.

Whether it's maximizing a company match, adding a new product, or increasing their contribution amounts, MAX Review keeps your employees actively engaged.