Holistic support for health and financial goals

In pandemic-focused 2020, health and wellness were more important than ever. The uncertainty of the times led to increased mental, physical, and financial stress. At the height of the pandemic’s first wave, according to Sun Life COVID-19 and Mental Health OMNI Study, 56% of Canadians said that COVID-19 was having a negative impact on their mental health.

To address these specific needs during the pandemic, we provided families holistic support for broad financial needs in creating greater financial health and resilience. This support will not only help plan members throughout the pandemic; they’ll continue to provide benefits for many years to come. 

We also brought enhancements to our myWellness Rewards platform, and provided plan members with access to financial management, estate planning, health resources, and more. Our valued partnerships were critical to delivering this.

myWellness Rewards is our digital solution that can help your plan members manage their financial, physical, and mental health with sustainable change.

In 2020, we made it easier for plan members to use it, by integrating myWellness Rewards with other Sun Life tools. Specifically, we linked the tool with the:

  • Retirement Planner
  • Asset allocation tool
  • My plan, and
  • Budget calculator.

In addition, we enhanced plan sponsor reporting. The enhanced reporting offers a holistic view of member behavior changes through time. This improvement is a good indicator of whether the program is moving the needle on specific risk factors. 

In August, we launched the Lumino Health Centre on mysunlife.caThe Lumino Health Centre provides your plan members with access to Canada’s largest network of providers, credible health content, and discounts and offers.

This health support has had even greater importance during the pandemic. Resources like Lumino Health’s comprehensive Stress and Anxiety Guide helped thousands of plan members understand and manage their growing life stresses.

The launch embedded the Lumino Health platform – a Sun Life innovation – into our secure site. By making the platform even more accessible, we made it easier for plan members to live healthier lives.

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To conduct additional research and help determine the broader financial needs of plan members, we ran two pilot projects in 2020. We worked with Om to give plan members a chance to create an online will at a discounted fee. The easy online and guided process helped many plan members create a will that's ready to sign in under 18 minutes. Given creating wills can be daunting and complicated, the partnership offered an easy process welcomed by many of the plan members. The engagement was high with a strong interest in the offering. From those that started their account, 90% completed their profiles and 34% of those completed their online will.

We also piloted a project with Qtrade Investor to determine plan member interest in RESPs and whether they found the Qtrade experience easy and innovative. 

Financial stress affects many Canadians – but 2020 brought this stress to new levels. More than half (51%) of Canadians who said that the COVID-19 pandemic had affected their mental health cited financial worries as a key reason. (Source: Sun Life COVID-19 and Mental Health OMNI Study

That’s why we teamed up with the non-profit Credit Counselling Society (CCS) and the Credit Counselling Service of Atlantic Canada, Inc. to offer free credit counseling and debt management services during the pandemic. Hundreds of plan members took advantage of these services. The appointments were free, confidential and had no impact on a plan member’s credit report.

They also had access to the Debt Management Program. This program helps plan members consolidate debts into one monthly payment they can afford and become debt-free faster.

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In 2020, we hosted several plan member webinars related to health and wealth. Our webinars featured a spectrum of professionals who shared their knowledge and answered questions on the health and wealth topics important to plan members.

Topics included:

  • Managing anxiety as the world re-opens
  • Boosting our mental wellness
  • This year's back to school conversation
  • Moving forward: balancing credit and debt on your financial journey
  • Staying the course in changing times.


2021 preview

The need for wellness supports will continue to grow in 2021. We’ll continue to evolve our wellness offering with a new myWellness Rewards app. We will also be evolving our plan member solutions with new partnership opportunities for tax support, budget spending/assistance, student loan repayment and identity theft protection. 

  • Bi-monthly Lumino Health newsletters to GRS plan members throughout 2021
  • The release of Lumino Health’s Staying Fit guide in February
  • The continuation of free credit counseling and debt management services