Our Sustainable Investing Panel webinar was hosted by Alexandra Barbu, Assistant Vice-President, Investment Solutions, Group Retirement Services, Sun Life Canada.

Sustainability issues are front and centre globally and have become a critical factor in investing for the future. We celebrated Earth Day by hosting this webinar which featured three sustainable investing subject matter experts from BlackRock, Sun Life Global Investments and PH&N/RBC.

Watch a recording of this event where panelists they share their insights on sustainable investing and ESG integration. You’ll also hear from Melissa Kennedy, Executive Vice-President & Chief Legal Officer & Public Affairs about Sun Life’s 2021 corporate sustainability goals and objectives.


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On Wednesday April 7, 2021 Sun Life hosted a Youth & Family Mental Health Summit in partnership with Unsinkable. This exclusive event for Sun Life Clients addressed the worsening youth mental health crisis in Canada, encouraging them to proactively invest in their mental health by taking action and equipping them with mental health resources. Sun Life clients are encouraged to share this recording with their children, nieces, nephews, young people in their lives.

English event panel:

  • Nick Nurse, Head Coach of the Toronto Raptors
  • Tyler Smith, Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash Survivor
  • Lacy Hartselle, Actress & Mental Health Advocate
  • Zafir Zaman, Youth mental health advocate and ally


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