Digital & virtual acceleration 

Sun Life has always made digital initiatives a priority. Technology continues to transform our industry.

We knew digital and virtual advancements were going to be critical to adapting to the new normal. We fast-tracked or enhanced the following digital/virtual programs:

Lumino Health Virtual Care (LHVC), powered by Dialogue, offers employees immediate, virtual access to qualified healthcare professionals. Fast, efficient online care that supports social distancing efforts and reduces the load on our emergency care system.    

LHVC gives users access to quick, reliable medical support from anywhere. This cuts down on time lost going to doctor appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and chasing down prescription refills.  

It's an invaluable service to our plan members during COVID-19 and beyond. 

We created this toolkit to help plan members register, if it’s part of their plan.

Now on and on the my Sun Life mobile app!

This launch embedded the Lumino Health platform on to replace the Wellness Centre. Lumino Health makes it easier for plan members to find the tools and resources relevant to them. 

Plan members can access Canada’s largest network of providers, credible health content, and special savings. By making our Lumino Health content even more accessible, we’re making it easier for plan members to live healthier lives. The Lumino Health platform offers valuable tools and resources, such as: 

Lumino Provider Search 

  • Find providers and book appointments
  • Search by cost categories, location and user ratings
  • Create favourites list 
  • New icon for providers offering virtual services 

Content and Resources*

  • Regularly updated wellness and mental health content
  • Lumino Health Guides 
  • Articles, videos, podcasts and more 

Lumino Resources & Offers**

  • Exclusive savings and special offers for categories, such as Vision & Hearing, Medical Products & Resources, and Mental Wellness services. 

*Only available through

**This section will only be visible if Lumino Resources & Offers are part of your plan.

In 2020, we introduced Lumino Health Guides. These Guides help minimize the need to sort through a sea of content online. Plan members can access the Guides through Lumino Health Centre on

Plan members can read articles, watch videos and explore resources from experts across Canada on a variety of topics:


Healthy at Home Guide – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home

Stress and Anxiety Guide – Tips and support to navigating challenging times 

Virtual Care Guide – Make the most of your digital care options

Caregiver Guide – Caring for older adults

Healthy Eating Guide – Nutrition and healthy eating tips

Lumino Health will continue to publish more topics throughout 2021. 

If we do your plan administration or you use the Plan Sponsor Services site, your members can now easily manage their beneficiaries online. Instead of having to complete and mail in a form, they can nominate or change their beneficiary on This helps reduce your administrative burden.

More and more plan members are interacting with Ella. They report a better online experience with their Sun Life benefits. 

Ella offered over 40 million suggestions or ‘nudges’ to plan members as of October 2020. Ella provides reminders and support for plan options, online claims, prescriptions and mental health. During the pandemic Ella reached over 800 thousand members with messages specifically on dealing with COVID-19 and staying positive.

Well over half of Sun Life plan members now recognize Ella as their digital coach.

We’ve made it easier for plan members to link their Sun Life account with Alexa through the my Sun Life mobile app. No additional password or access ID required!  

Plan members can now check their dental coverage details for some of the common dental procedures. They can also ask when they can get their next dental check-up.

It’s now easier for your employees to submit receipts and other supporting documents for Extended Health Care (EHC) claims on as well as the my Sun Life mobile app. We’re accepting more types of medical claims, and more claims can be submitted digitally.

Plan members can: 

  • attach receipts to claims submissions 
  • add documents to recently completed claims when asked for more information
  • submit estimates and drug forms
  • submit claims for virtual visits
  • add the duration of paramedical visits.

You can share this flyer with your employees. It provides a full list of approved providers and how to get started.