What’s coming in 2021

This year we’re keeping our focus on the right enhancements and technologies to keep our group benefit plans at the forefront of our industry. 

Here’s a selection of innovations to look forward to:

We’ve already introduced you to our mental health strategy toolkit. We’ll be adding more tools and tips so you can better support the mental health of your employees.

We’re also exploring other innovations to address rising mental health disability claims. We’ll have more exciting news to share later this year. 

Exploring gene therapy

Gene therapy is a method to treat diseases that are caused by defective, damaged or missing genes. Gene therapy contains genetic material that repairs or replaces the defective, damaged or missing genes. 

Gene therapies are one time, very high cost treatments. For example, Zolgensma is approved for a very rare disease and is available at a cost of $2.5 million per treatment. We are exploring our approach to covering these treatments while ensuring plan sustainability. 

Expanding the Reference Drug Program (RDP) 

The RDP balances drug plan costs with maintaining therapeutic choices for plan members. It aims to maintain access, and provide support and guidance on treatments.  

We’ll continue to enhance our RDP offering by adding more drugs to this program. This will provide plan sponsors additional value, as part of our overall drug cost-saving strategy. 

Continuing pharmaceutical negotiations

We’ll continue to negotiate agreements with drug manufacturers. This allows us to give increased value and access to specialty drugs for plan members through reduced costs. 

These agreements help us give plan members more access to specialty drugs, while managing the costs for plan sponsors. 

ASO statements will soon be available in Excel (right now available as PDF only). A self-serve option will be introduced for plan sponsors to access the bills.

Ella is growing! 

Ella will become more interactive. She’ll be taking her first foray into chat and engaging with plan members directly. This will help her to understand what support and information they need most from her.

Expanded access: Explanation of Benefits (EOB) on Mobile

Plan members will be able to read their Explanation of Benefits on the my Sun Life mobile app. This will make it easier to understand the details of their claims.

New! Online Client management tool 

We want to make it easier for advisors to do business with us. We’ll be launching a new platform with enhanced reporting and Client information. This new dedicated site will provide all current Client activity on a state-of-the-art dashboard. Look for updates on this new service coming soon!