Lumino Health Guides

In 2020, we introduced Lumino Health Guides. These guides help reduce the need to sort through a sea of content online. Read articles, watch videos and explore resources that tap into experts across Canada. Anyone can access these Health Guides on Plan members can also access them through when they click on Lumino Health content.

Currently, there are many topics to discover, including:

  • Healthy Eating Guide – Nutrition and healthy eating tips
  • Healthy at Home Guide – Maintaining a healthy lifestyle at home
  • Stress and Anxiety Guide – Tips and support to navigate challenging times
  • Caregiver Guide – Caring for older adults
  • Virtual Care Guide – Making the most of your digital care options

Lumino Health will continue to publish more topics throughout 2021. We encourage you to bookmark this site on your employee wellness site or company intranet. You can also share this communication with your plan members.

A recent Sun Life survey tells us Canadians are not goal setting. About 57% haven’t set any goals for 2021. However, research shows that setting goals is a good first step to making positive health changes. Share these Lumino Health Guides to help your employees get on track, and stay on track to better health.

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