Sun Life's Bright Paper reports explore the latest trends in group benefits. Our research and thoughtful analysis can help you make the best decisions to support employee health.

Latest releases

Women’s Health

Learn how to support the health needs of women.

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Meeting your key challenges for workplace health

Supporting your plan today and in the years ahead.

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Reduce long COVID impacts
in your workplace

Our Bright Paper report examines what long COVID is, the effects on organizations, and actions you can take to best support your employees struggling with long term symptoms.

From pilot to launch: closing the gaps around access to mental health care

This Bright Paper report explores two innovative solutions to support plan members mental health.

Mental health in the workplace: A little training goes a long way

In this Bright Paper report, find out the benefits of mental health training for managers.

Lumino Health Virtual Care, provided by Dialogue

Our Bright Paper highlights the ways our new and unique Digital health care partner can support your employees’ health care needs.

Changing times: evolving the approach to disability management

How disability is approached must evolve. There is a clear need for innovation and new options.

Innovations in Absence and Disability Management

This Bright Paper report shows how digital innovations and pharmacogenomics are reducing the effects of disability in the workplace.

Changing the face of cancer

In this Bright Paper report, employers can learn how to make a positive impact in their workplace by creating a cancer action plan to support their employees.

Chronic disease in the workplace: Focus on prevention and support

Learn in this Bright Paper report how to address the issue of chronic disease and how to build a healthy future for your employees and your organization.

How we’re helping keep great benefits plans affordable

Learn how we’re focusing on managing benefit plan costs with innovative practices and health-care solutions.

Working together to support
women’s health

Our new Bright Paper provides guidance to help employers raise awareness about women’s health issues in the workplace. It also outlines steps they can take to increase support for women’s health within their group benefits plans.

Access to high-cost drugs
for rare diseases

Our Bright Paper sets out the issues and highlights the importance of private payer participation in any new strategy.