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Relationships that work

We've been offering comprehensive insurance solutions to our Clients for more than 50 years.

Our Clients include:

  • Professional Association and Affinity Groups
  • Financial institutions (Creditor insurance)
  • Educational institutions (insurance for domestic and international students)

We deliver the right products and value for all our Clients. Contact one of our experts today to discuss the specific needs of your group.

Professional Associations and Affinity groups

Meet your members’ protection needs with our ground-breaking products and services.

Learn more about the options available for your members

Financial institutions (Creditor insurance)

Work with us to find the right coverage for your customers’ credit products including mortgages, loans, and credit cards.

See the full range of protection for your customers

Educational institutions

Benefit from the innovations we have brought to the student insurance market.

Find the right coverage for your students

Your choice

You choose whether to work directly with us, or through your consultant or broker. Either way, we are your partner in progressive insurance solutions.


Contact us or your broker today to find out more about our association offerings.

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