Sun Life is redefining benefits for the digital age. We lead the industry in technologies that make it easier for plan members to get the most from their benefits plan.

We’re committed to providing plan members with personalized services that work. And help them make informed decisions about their health care.

The my Sun Life mobile app and help your plan members manage their plans easily. They also provide them with access to value-added tools and information that will help them and their families live healthier lives.

But first they need to register!

We have created a flyer you can share with your plan members that will help them get started. It takes them through the steps they need to take to register for their online access. It also provides information about how to download the my Sun Life mobile app.

Click here to download the flyer.

The my Sun Life mobile app offers easy access to information, tools and claims submission. Plan members can check plan coverage, account balances, and access Lumino Provider Search to find the health-care providers in their area. They can also interact with Ella, our digital coach for cost-saving tips and information. A few of the other features available on the app include:

  • fingerprint authentication to access the app
  • facial recognition using iPhone X1
  • access coverage and travel cards
  • click to call for direct access to our Client Care Centre (CCC)
  • drug lookup tool
  • disability claim submission
  • access to the Lumino Health Centre

We are committed to adding features and tools to the my Sun Life mobile app that make it easier to manage and access their plans. Click here to download a flyer you can share with your plan members that highlights some of the functionality available on the my Sun Life mobile app and

Visit to learn more about the features available on the my Sun Life mobile app.

Plan members can make health and dental, Health Spending account, and disability claims through multiple channels. This includes the my Sun Life mobile app and

In addition, the pay-direct drug card automatically pays the covered portion of prescription drug expenses at the pharmacy. And many providers (such as dentists) offer automatic payment of covered expenses through their own portals.

Now even easier

We've made it easier for your employees to submit receipts and other supporting documents for Extended Health Care (EHC) claims on as well as the my Sun Life mobile app.

We've aligned our website and mobile capabilities so more claims can be submitted digitally. With these changes, your employees can:

  • Attach receipts and other supporting documents while completing the medical claims submission process.
  • Attach additional documents to recently completed claims. Submit estimates and drug forms.
  • Submit documents requested by our Client Care Centre (CCC).

Share this flyer with your employees. It provides a full list of approved providers and how to get started.

Depending on their preference, plan members have multiple ways to contact Sun Life for more information. In addition to calling the Client Care Centre (CCC) directly by phone, there are other options:

Click to call

Plan members can sign into the my Sun Life mobile app, click Contact Us and connect with the CCC representative, who will already know who they are and their plan details because they have already signed in through the app.

Click to chat

Plan members signed in on can communicate with a CCC representative through a chat box in real time.

Private message

Plan members signed in on can send a private message with their questions directly to the CCC if they don’t need an answer right away. This is a good option for members looking for help outside of the CCC hours of operation.

We’ve improved the experience for plan members applying for, or already on, disability leave. Simple steps on the my Sun Life mobile app and now guide the plan member through the Short-term and Long-term disability claims process.

They can also:

  • submit claims and forms by taking a photo of receipts and documents using “Send Documents” on the my Sun Life mobile app or by uploading completed documentation on;
  • see which documents have been received by Sun Life, and which documents are outstanding; members will also receive an email notification when we have received all of the supporting disability documents;
  • see recent claims information and their Disability Case Manager’s name.

Plan members with standard Sun Life PSA plans can make e-claims using either the my Sun Life mobile app or Processing is instant, and most PSA claims are reimbursed within 48 hours if the plan member has signed up for direct deposit.

Click here to access more information about our PSA offering.

Connect with Sun Life using Alexa

Talk to Ella, our digital coach, on your Alexa device or Alexa mobile app.

Plan members can easily link their Sun Life account with Alexa4 through the my Sun Life mobile app directly. They don’t have to provide their access ID and password a second time.

Eligible plan members can:

  • check their Health Spending Account (HSA) and Personal Spending Account (PSA) balances,
  • check vision care balances for themselves and their dependants,
  • find benefits coverage information about their remaining balance, deductible, coverage limit and the percentage covered for the following providers and expenses:
    • massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and psychologists, optometrists, prescription glasses, and contact lenses,
  • get a status update for medical and dental claims submitted within the last 30 days:
    • the update will specify whether the claim review is complete or still in progress,
    • if the claim is complete, plan members can find out when it was completed and how much they were paid,
  • check account balances and the rate of return for their investments if they also have Sun Life workplace savings plans.
  • check their dental coverage details for some of the common dental procedures.
  • find out when they’re eligible for their next dental check-up.

For more information visit

Through Lumino Provider Search, Alexa4 can also provide a list of providers, including dentists, vision care specialist, physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, and more. They can see up to three providers per session using the provider search tool with the highest rating, cost information and closest distance. They’ll receive the details as a text message, including the contact, cost and rating information. Alexa can also help to request or book an appointment with the selected provider. Learn more about Lumino Provider Search.

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