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Menopause and Work in Canada

Sun Life is proud to sponsor the new Menopause Foundation of Canada report, Menopause and Work in Canada, and the Menopause Inclusive playbook for employers. They delve into the impact of menopause on working women, and guide employers on how they can provide more support in the workplace.

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Insights to help ensure a successful return to work after a disability leave

How does DE&I fit into your group benefits plan?

The importance of DE&I in
the workplace


This report provides actionable
insight into what members of
diverse groups want in their
benefits plans.

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What’s the great way to
offer coverage for all?

We are stronger
working together


The path to universal drug and
dental coverage is a multi-payer
solution including government and private insurers.

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Supporting the

Unpaid caregivers
in Canada


A look at the experience
of unpaid caregivers in
Canada and how to better
support them.

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