In the spirit of white papers, Sun Life’s Bright Papers combine careful research and thoughtful analysis to help plan sponsors gain a deeper understanding of employee attitudes and behaviour. We believe that understanding what plan members want and expect is integral to helping them stay healthy, allowing employers to reap the rewards of a healthier workforce.

Shaping group benefits

Employer insights that are helping guide the plans of the future

New survey shows Canadian employers want more choice, more digital solutions, and more mental health support options.

In a March 2020 survey, 591 employers across Canada told us how they’re re-thinking their group benefits plans. These employers came from across the country, companies of all sizes and across all industries.


Download Shaping group benefits, and find out what’s impacting the plans of the future.

Designed For Health

From pilot to launch: closing the gaps around access to mental health care

This Bright Paper outlines how online cognitive behavioural therapy and pharmacogenomics can improve mental health outcomes for your plan members.

Make the link: healthy lifestyles and mental health

This Bright Paper focuses on five lifestyle factors that support mental health: exercise, nutrition, relationships, relaxation, and volunteerism.

Mental health in the workplace: A little training goes a long way

This Bright Paper addresses the “where do I start” question. It highlights the elements and benefits of mental health training for managers.

Virtual care. Its time has come

Our new Bright Paper examines the rising trend of, and demand for, virtual care services. It also explains why this growing trend is here to stay. Virtual care can support the physical and mental health of your plan members.

Innovations in Absence and Disability Management

Recent innovations in disability management are having a profound and positive impact – reducing the incidence and impact of disability in the workplace.

Changing the face of cancer

Cancer and related treatments represent growing costs to Group Benefits plans but also, more importantly, have a significant impact on employees and their families. As an employer, learn what you can do today to change the face of cancer.

Chronic disease in the workplace: Focus on prevention and support

This Bright Paper addresses the issue of chronic disease, its impact on the workplace and how employers can mitigate the risk to their organization and support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Break down the administration barrier

A group benefits plan can be a significant competitive advantage for small businesses, both in keeping employees healthy and in attracting and retaining top talent. Yet many small businesses do not offer health benefits. One reason? A worry about the additional administrative burden that adding a benefits plan might entail.