Lumino Health Virtual Care

powered by Dialogue

Lumino Health Virtual Care

powered by Dialogue

Access. Convenience. Peace of mind.

Through Lumino Health Virtual Care, powered by Dialogue, your employees and their families can access a virtual “walk-in” service. This service quickly assesses medical issues and connects your employees with the right professional, including nurses, doctors, and others.

Virtual care can help resolve any condition that doesn’t require a physical exam. That’s estimated to be about 70% of primary care cases.  

By connecting with health-care providers virtually, employees can get the care they need from the comfort of home.

The service is available via mobile, tablet and web.

What is virtual care?

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Toolkit to promote Lumino Health Virtual Care to plan members

This toolkit contains materials that can be downloaded and shared with your employees. These resources can help to educate them about virtual care and highlight the benefits of this service.

Lumino Health Virtual Care video

This video shows how easy and simple it is to use Lumino Health Virtual Care. Employees will see first-hand how the service provides fast and easy access to medical professionals from anyplace, at anytime.

Click here to download the video or share this link with your employees.


Onboarding emails

This series of three emails builds excitement up to launch day. You can tailor them to your organization’s communication needs.

  • The first email notifies your employees they will have Lumino Health Virtual Care added to their plan.
  • The second email builds excitement up to the launch day of Lumino Health Virtual Care. We suggest sending this email one week prior to launch.
  • The third email lets your plan members know they now have access to Lumino Health Virtual Care and tells them how to sign up. We suggest sending this on launch day.

You can also attach one of the Lumino Health Virtual Care flyers to your emails. This will help to further engage employees.



Welcome to Lumino Health Virtual Care

Introduces Lumino Health Virtual Care, with an overview of the services available.


Overview – Lumino Health Virtual Care

Explains what Lumino Health Virtual Care is, how your employees can take advantage of the service and how to register.


Keep your family healthy with Lumino Health Virtual Care

Takes your employees through the easy steps of adding dependents.


Did you know?

Offers a description of some of the different health specialists available.


Four reasons to use Lumino Health Virtual Care

Outlines four key features of Lumino Health Virtual Care.


Lumino Health Virtual Care is here for your health-care needs

Explains what Lumino Health Virtual Care services are available.


The Lumino Health Virtual Care medical team

Highlights the experience of the medical professionals on call. It also describes the process to help ensure the best medical team member is available for the situation.


Patient privacy and confidentiality

Lets your employees know how we ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.


Download all flyers here


Welcome to Lumino Health Virtual Care

Describes the Lumino Health Virtual Care experience and provides examples of conditions that can be evaluated or treated virtually through the app.

Share this postcard digitally or print and place copies in breakrooms, lunchrooms or any other employee common areas.



Lumino Health Virtual Care – offered services

Promotes the capabilities of the virtual medical service such as on-demand communication with health-care professionals, prescriptions, access for dependents and more.

Download this digital screen image and use it on screens in breakrooms, lunchrooms or on your organization's intranet site.


Your employees can learn more about Lumino Health Virtual Care by visiting