Sun Life RightDirections (EAP)

Sun Life RightDirections (EAP)

Confidential, professional employee support

Employee Assistance Programs are a vital part of your overall health and disability management strategy. They offer the support employees might need to resolve issues that can affect performance at work.

Our RightDirections™ program provides 24/7 access to professional counseling and help for employees so they can get back to feeling like their best selves.

Where RightDirections™ can help:

  • Family and social relationships.
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, dependency issues.
  • Workplace related issues and career planning.
  • Legal and financial advice*.
  • Wellness issues, health and fitness coaching, nutrition support and smoking cessation.
  • Crisis & traumatic events.
  • Manager coaching.

Choice when it counts.

Employees can access** the RightDirections™ service in the way that works for them…

  • First chat (online chat session).
  • E-counselling.
  • Online group counselling.
  • Video counselling.
  • My Migo (mobile app).
  • Face-to-face counselling.
  • Telephone counselling.

*Does not include, employment or workplace issues, criminal law, asset management, or accounting services.

**Access to these services are dependent on service level tier selected and clinical appropriateness