Lumino Health Virtual Care is a unique virtual care service, designed around providing continuity of care. This includes follow-up sessions to ensure health issues are satisfactorily resolved. If the plan member needs more advanced care, case managers can help them find and book an appointment with a specialist.

We know that the pandemic worsened Canada’s mental health crisis.[1] That’s why we’re providing extensive mental health support. Plan members get assessments and consultations with mental health specialists, and unlimited access to therapists.   

Connecting Canadians to the care they need

Lumino Health Virtual Care is more than just a convenient health service for plan members. It also plays a key role in supporting the health of Canadians.

There’re no out-of-pocket-costs to plan members, or costs to the public health-care system. And it’s there for plan members to use as needed – available 24/7 from anywhere in the country. It’s also robust, with triaging powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and comprehensive care, from initial assessment to issue resolution. Lumino Health Virtual Care delivers this care through hundreds of bilingual, multidisciplinary specialists who consult on physical and mental health conditions.

Our Bright Paper highlights the ways Lumino Health Virtual Care goes beyond traditional virtual care models to better support the health needs of employers and plan members. It also shows how it can play a larger role in our broader health-care system. We encourage you to read it and learn more.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Please contact the Client Relations Representative Team at 1-866-606-8936.


[1] Sun Life COVID-19 and Mental Health Omni Study. Online interviews were conducted with 1,000 Canadians across the country from April 29 – May 1, 2020.