Mental health continues to be the leading cause of disability among employers of all sizes. In fact, mental health claims now account for 30% of all disability claims. They also represent 45% of total claims costs.[i] These numbers will likely increase post-pandemic, given the tendency for disability claims to lag behind a crisis.[ii] But employers can take action to minimize the potential impact on their organization now.

How Sun Life can help your Clients

Our new Designed for Health report offers solutions to help your Clients address mental health in their workplace. It highlights the tools and resources we offer to help Clients mitigate the issue of rising disability claims now and post-pandemic. This includes:

We also offer your Clients solutions to support plan members who are working while experiencing mental health issues, and those on mental health-related leave.

Launched in early 2020, our Designed for Health - A focus on mental health disability claims report also provides guidance on how to support employees’ mental health.

We help you give your Clients access to valuable solutions

These are challenging times. We want to ensure your Clients have access to the solutions they need to support their plan members’ mental health – now and in the future. With the right solutions, a lot is possible – as seen in our most recent Bright Paper.

Download the new Designed for Health - Disability claims in focus: mental health, COVID-19 and beyond report here. Then contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative. They can help you and your Clients develop a plan to minimize the potential impact of rising disability claims, now and post-pandemic.

Communication plan

We’ll send this Focus Update to your Clients on June 23, 2021.

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[ii] Sun Life, Designed for Health - A focus on mental health disability claims, 2020