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An important part of creating a mentally healthy workplace is ensuring that people leaders receive training on important aspects of mental health in the workplace. Employees also need to understand mental health so they can spot any warning signs that they may need support.

In addition, many of your Clients may want to take a strategic approach to mental health and dive deeper into their areas of strengths and opportunities.

As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to remind you of all the resources we have available for employers. Below is what we delivered to your Clients over the past month.

New, free mental health training videos

These new education videos promote a better understanding of the two mental disorders that most commonly lead to long-term disability claims. They can also help create more compassionate people leaders within organizations.

These videos, along with the rest of our mental health education series, can be found on our website.

New facilitated mental health training

We’re enhancing our mental health offering with a new partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). The MHCC will offer Sun Life’s Clients mental health training, which they facilitate, at a 10% discounted rate. This discount is currently exclusive to Sun Life Clients. Any Sun Life Client can take advantage of the training.

For a detailed overview of the training, including pricing and booking, please contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative. They can also help if your Client has concerns or questions related to their Organizational Health.

To learn more about the MHCC, visit their website.

Enhancements to the Workplace Mental Health Risk Assessment (WMHRA)

We have completed a revamp of our WMHRA.  To ensure that this tool stays relevant and better reflects the flexibility of today’s workplaces, we’ve evolved it to:

  • incorporate a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion lens,
  • add new questions that reflect the growing importance of workload management and work-life balance, and
  • update how work-life balance is measured and the different ways it can meet the different needs of employees (for example: flexible schedules, opportunities to work hybrid or remotely, technology / equipment provided, stress management, and support services such as childcare).   

The revamped WMHRA offers a tangible solution for your National Accounts and SunSolutions Clients. By offering this tool as a solution, you can help your Clients develop effective strategies to support mental health. This tool can also help you better understand your Clients and their needs, enabling you to better support them.

Looking Ahead

Your Clients lean on you as a strategic partner to help them address pressing workplace issues. We’re committed to our partnership with you and offering your Clients the Best in Health by providing value-driven health solutions. Our suite of mental health training and strategy resources offer your Clients choice in how they can support and promote mental health in their workplaces.

Employee mental health is a key area of focus for many organizations. By focusing on mental health year-round, we can work together to help your Clients promote better health outcomes for their employees.

Questions? We’re here to help.

Please contact your Sun Life Group Benefits representative.