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Starting in the third quarter of 2024, changes to our Client Care Centre (CCC) will provide a better experience for plan members. We’re launching Amazon Connect, a cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system.  New capabilities will help to make it easier, quicker, and more efficient for plan members to get the assistance they need.

As part of the initial rollout, new features include:

  • New, plain language menu options to help plan members tell us why they’re contacting us.
  • Data-enabled routing to direct calls to the correct CCC representative, the first time.
  • Estimated wait time announcement.
  • Courtesy call-back feature.

Future features will include:

  • An additional method for secure authentication. A Voice ID component will further enhance the plan member experience by providing another way to verify their identity.
  • New self-serve options. We’re exploring use cases for providing coverage and claims information.
  • New conversational IVR. Plan members will be able to speak to the IVR like a live person. The IVR will be able to provide an immediate response to many of their questions.
  • Agent Assist. This will provide our CCC representatives live details specific to the plan member and their policy. This will allow us to handle the call more efficiently.

We’ll share details about new features in future communications.

The attached FAQ document provides additional information.

We’ll send this communication to plan sponsors on May 16, 2024.

Questions? We’re here to help.

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