Connecting Canadians with local health-care providers

Find new patients and grow your practice

As a busy health-care professional, you’ve got a lot on your daily checklist: attracting new patients, retaining your current patients and running your practice as a start.

What if you could simplify your work with fast and targeted marketing that connects you with patients looking for a health-care provider just like you?

We're here to help!

Meet patients who are a match
New patients can search based on the criteria that are most important for their needs: distance from home, languages spoken, hours, and more.

Retain current patients
Your existing patients can learn more about you, your rating and what makes you different, so they’ll feel good about your practice.

Simplify the booking process Patients can easily request an appointment directly from your Custom Profile, which can help simplify the administrative workload of your practice.

Start meeting new patients

Get preferred placement in your area for even greater exposure

The appointment request button acts as an extension of your office reception so patients can take action to book immediately

More filter options fill your waiting room with patients who fit best with your practice

  • Name & location​
  • Cost category ​
  • Average rating​
  • Phone number ​
  • Email ​
  • Direct billing checkmark​
  • Preferred placement in search results​
  • Website URL​
  • Provider headshot​
  • Education​
  • Associations​
  • Accepting new patients checkmark​
  • Appointment request button​
  • Provider and facility introduction ​
  • Facility images​
  • Services offered​
  • Hours of operation​
  • Amenities information​
  • Languages spoken​
  • Performance dashboard​

Watch a short video to see how provider search connects Canadians with health-care providers.

Watch the video

Provider search is reaching more Canadians than ever.

This innovation is promoted to Sun Life Clients at and in the my Sun Life mobile app. And now, provider search is available to all Canadians through Lumino Health — Canada's premier network of health resources. That’s important to you, because it means there’s no one in your community that can’t find you!