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Teladoc Medical Experts<sup>®</sup>

When faced with the uncertainty of a medical condition, trying to sort through the maze of information can be as stressful as the diagnosis itself. Teladoc Medical Experts provides clarity and understanding, helping to ensure the right information, the right diagnosis and the right treatment is received.

Teladoc Medical Experts offers a range of services to ensure clients have the information they need to move their healthcare forward with confidence.

Teladoc Medical Experts services are available with some individual critical illness insurance plans offered from Sun Life Financial.

The insured person has access to Teladoc Medical Experts services while the policy is in effect, and up to 4 months after their policy ends.

They can contact Teladoc Medical Experts for any type or degree of medical uncertainty. Based on the information and details provided, Teladoc Medical Experts will recommend which of their services would be appropriate for the described condition.

Teladoc Medical Experts isn't part of the policy. We can't guarantee its availability. It may be withdrawn or modified at any time without any notice.

Services for clients with CII policies

How to access Teladoc Medical Services and overview of services
How to access Teladoc Medical Experts by Teladoc Health services

The insured person will need to contact Teladoc Medical Experts at 1-877-419- 2378 or at Teladoc Medical Experts and provide their policy number. Upon verification by Teladoc Medical Experts, they will have access to these Teladoc Medical Experts services: Expert Medical Opinion, Find a Doctor, Care Finder, Personal Health Navigator, Ask the Expert, and Mental health navigator.

Teladoc Medical Experts helps clients understand their medical condition to ensure they have the right diagnosis and the best treatment options
Expert Medical Opinion
  • Provides an in-depth review of the client's medical files including diagnostic test results and the retesting of pathology.
  • A leading medical specialist recommends diagnosis and treatment options.
  • The client receives a comprehensive report they can share with their treating physician.
  • Can potentially reduce serious complications that result from a misdiagnosis.
  • Helps the client and their treating physician determine the proper course of action.
Find a Doctor
  • Teladoc Medical Experts will conduct a customized physician search and recommend leading Canadian specialists who are accepting new patients. 1, 2 Access to a Canadian specialist requires a referral from the client's treating physician.
Care Finder
  • When expert physicians or leading care facilities are required outside of Canada, Teladoc Medical Experts will search their global database on the client's behalf. They'll provide up to 3 recommendations for doctors or treatment facilities that are accepting new patients.2
Personal Health Navigator
  • The client can call Teladoc Medical Experts for medical information and resources, one-on-one support and customized health coaching for a wide range of health concerns, from simple to serious.
  • The client can receive healthcare information on topics such as wait times, drug funding programs, and health assessment tools.
Ask the Expert
  • The client's medical questions will be sent to a leading physician who specializes in their condition.
  • The client will receive a written report with answers and advice addressing specific questions, so that they can better understand their condition and make well-informed decisions about healthcare.
Mental Health Navigator
  • Get guidance on a mental health condition that isn’t improving or if you are questioning a treatment plan.
  • Only available for Sun CII

The insured person will be able to access Teladoc Medical Experts® services up to 4 months after their policy ends.

Policies eligible for Teladoc Medical Experts services

Since Teladoc Medical Experts services became available with the purchase of Sun CII plans (March 11, 2005), certain changes have been made to the services being offered and the criteria for accessing these services.

The following chart outlines which Teladoc Medical Experts services are currently available to clients based on the date they purchased their Sun CII.

ProductsPeriod soldWho is eligibleServices availableAccess criteria
Sun CIIFrom March 11, 2005 to

Unlimited access to the insured person, their spouse, dependent children, parents and parents-in-law.

The insured person can also extend a one time gift of services to their grandparent or sibling.

  • Personal Health Navigator
  • Expert Medical Opinion
  • Find a Doctor
  • Care Finder
  • Ask the Expert
  • Mental Health Navigator
Suspect they have a medical condition, even if it is not a listed condition stated in the policy
Who has access to Teladoc Medical Experts?

The insured person, the spouse, dependent children1, parents and parents-in-law can use this service while the insurance is in place any time there is suspicion of a medical condition.

The insured person can also extend a one time gift of services to their grandparent or sibling.

The insured person has access to Teladoc Medical Experts services while the policy is in effect, and up to 4 months after their policy ends.

Are Teladoc Medical Experts services part of the contract?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
When are clients eligible for Teladoc Medical Experts services?

Clients are eligible for Teladoc Medical Experts if they purchase a critical illness insurance (CII) policy that includes this service. 

What if the client is ill or has a pre-existing condition?

If the client has access to Teladoc Medical Experts through a CII policy that is in force, there is no waiting period to access the Teladoc Medical Experts services if the client is ill or has a pre-existing condition.

Can Teladoc Medical Experts arrange for an individual to "jump the queue"?

Teladoc Medical Experts does not own or operate private healthcare clinics. They work within the Canadian healthcare system and have no leverage to help members jump the queue. Instead, Teladoc Medical Experts services are designed to ensure clients are in the right queue.

Who decides who is a Teladoc Medical Expert?

Simply, their medical peers recommend them. Only current Teladoc Medical Experts receive a survey to nominate and vote for Teladoc Medical Experts. The survey asks one simple question that replicates the way that doctors find the best care for themselves and their families: "If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, who would you choose?"

Asking this one simple question replicates the informal peer-to-peer referral process that doctors themselves use to determine the most appropriate physician for an individual case. Physicians are then screened for licensure, certification and disciplinary actions. To ensure the integrity of the database, the process is repeated every 18 months.

Over the past 20 years, the global database of Teladoc Medical Experts has grown to 53,000 specialists, including nearly 2,000 Canadian physicians. Teladoc Medical Experts does not provide or accept fees for the privilege of inclusion in the database. Physicians can only be accepted into the database through a peer-reviewed nomination poll.

Who pays the Teladoc Medical Experts physician for their services?

Teladoc Medical Experts pays them a consulting fee if they agree to participate in an Expert Medical Opinion.

How will Teladoc Medical Experts maintain my privacy?

Teladoc Medical Experts complies with all relevant provincial, national and international laws and regulations. Your specific name and medical information will not be shared with anyone, including your employer and insurance company, without your written consent. On occasion, they may use de-identified information to help improve the Teladoc Medical Experts program.

Do insured people and their eligible family members need to live in Canada to access Teladoc Medical Experts?

No. Insureds and their eligible family members don’t have to live in Canada to access Teladoc Medical Experts services. There are additional considerations for non-Canadian residents:

  • Clients must initiate cases through the Canadian Teladoc Medical Experts call center. Eligible users can also access the Teladoc Medical Experts member portal online if the toll free number isn’t accessible.
  • Insured people and their eligible family members can use services such as Expert Medical Opinion but some services may not be available depending on the country the person is in at the time.
  • Clients using the Expert Medical Opinion might have to collect their own medical records and have them translated but that will be determined at intake with the nurse.
Who can initiate contact with Teladoc Medical Experts when someone other than the insured requires Teladoc Medical Experts services?

Anyone covered can call the Teladoc Medical Experts call center or start a case through the online member portal. Teladoc Medical Experts will ask how they have access to the service. The caller should provide the name of the insured person and the Sun Life policy number.