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September 01, 2022

No changes to Sun Adjustable Whole Life policies

Every three years, we review the pricing factors that decide the cost of Sun Adjustable Whole Life (AWL) policies.*

We recently finished a review and won’t be making any adjustments at this time. You don’t have to take any action. 

What do we review?

On every third policy anniversary, we may adjust the:

  • death benefit,
  • total disability amount, and/or
  • premium amount and cash values.

Changes in factors like interest rates, mortality, expenses and taxes are the basis for any adjustment.

We’ll notify Clients of their policy cash values for the next three years.

Starting September 1, we’ll send letters to Sun AWL Clients for policies with an anniversary of November 1, 2022. We’ll continue sending these letters for the next three years as Clients reach their next triennial anniversary. You’ll get copies of any letters sent to your Clients letting them know their values won’t change in the Activity Centre.


Please contact the Adjustable life repricing - SLF - general – inquire.

*Sun Life issued these policies between 1983 and 1994.