Applying for life insurance

Complete the Sun Life Financial paper application, form RapidApp/Tele-interviewing application for life and/or critical illness insurance - 810-2815  . Please refer to the instructions on the front cover of the application.

Remember to include your name in full, the company you are affiliated with if applicable, and your company code on the Advisor's Report on the second page of the life application.

Reminder: Important information you should know - E228   is to be left with the client.

For conversions from a Sun Life Financial convertible term policy to an eligible product such as Sun Par Protector IISun Par Accumulator II, Sun Par Accelerator, Sun Permanent Life, SunUniversalLife Pro or SunUniversalLife II, please complete form Application for conversion and exercising an option - E260  .

For SunUniversalLife Pro and SunUniversalLife II early death benefit option on joint last-to-die coverage, you must complete the Early death benefit beneficiary election or change - E272  .


For Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II, Sun Par Accelerator, Sun Permanent Life, SunUniversalLife II, SunUniversalLife Pro, Sun CII and SunTerm 10, 15, 20, 30 you may also choose to complete the RapidApp. If you use the RapidApp, you will not need to ask your client any medical questions and you will eliminate the need to record duplicates of product and client information. However, a pre-underwriting requirement is not completed until the tele-interview or paramedical report is received. At older ages, this may cause significant delays in the total underwriting time needed if an attending physician statement (APS) is required. The minimum underwriting request is a tele-interview with vitals or paramedical exam.

With every RapidApp/tele-interviewing application, Sun Life Financial requires:

  • a tele-interview with vitals (ordered by Sun Life) or a paramedical exam (ordered by advisor)
  • a signed illustration (for Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II, Sun Par Accelerator, SunUniversalLife Pro and SunUniversalLife II sales)
  • all questions to be completed and signatures included


This option will make it significantly easier and faster to do business with Sun Life Financial (SLF).

There are a number of situations where the tele-interview option can help both you and your client:

  • A tele-interview, plus the collection of vitals, can replace the paramedical.
  • It's an alternative to completing the personal evidence section of the application when there is extensive medical or lifestyle history.
  • It makes it easier for the client to share sensitive information.

Our tele-interviewing process uses trained professionals to gather information from the proposed insured over the phone.

This is a brochure designed to prepare the client for the tele-interview. Tele-interview preparation material (810-4848)

Forward all requirements to the Document and Distribution Centre at the following address.

Submitting applications, initial premiums, and supporting documentation

Applications, initial premiums, required illustrations, and supporting documents must be submitted to:

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada
227 King Street South
PO Box 1601 Station Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
N2J 4C5

Supporting documents include:

  • covering letter or memo with details of the sale
  • product illustration (for Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II, Sun Par Accelerator, SunUniversalLife Pro and SunUniversalLife II sales)
  • financial questionnaire (if applicable)
  • replacement forms (if applicable)
  • completed underwriting questionnaires (if applicable)

Temporary life insurance

Temporary life insurance is available for coverage up to and including $1 million on life insurance applications on any insured person under the age of 71. For any insured person age 71 or older, the maximum temporary life insurance amount is $100,000.

Note: When applying for a Joint Term policy for $1 million, each life may qualify for temporary life insurance up to $1 million.