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Identity verification for beneficiaries/non-owner payee - Wealth - Individuals



Identity verification for beneficiaries - Wealth



Corporate Resolution (for an applicant/owner that is a Corporation)



Corporate Resolution (for a beneficiary that is a corporation)



Identity verification for entity beneficiaries


Identity verification for beneficiaries - Individuals


Beneficiary claim statement for Insurance GICs* and Trust GICs

Note: Only use this form if a death benefit from an accumulation annuity is to be paid to a beneficiary as income under the Legacy Settlement Option. For lump sum settlements use form E84

4889-EVoluntary consent for the collection, use and disclosure of favourable genetic testing results2018-01
 Policyholder instruction - request to receive mailing2021-01
E74Incomplete question supplement for health question2022-11
E77*Transfer of ownership of non-registered GIC products2021-12
E1*Aerial activities questionnaire2022-03
E26Alcohol usage questionnaire2012-10
E16AApplication for a change of dividend option2008-04
4609Application for a prescribed transfer from a Manitoba Life Income Fund (LIF) to a Prescribed Retirement Income Fund (PRIF) contract2014-11
E16BApplication for a Withdrawal or Transfer of funds2020-06
E328Application for change to an existing critical illness policy2017-09
E87-W*^Application for change to an existing life insurance policy
Note: Applies to inforce policies only
E260*Application for conversion and exercising an option2022-04
810-2799*Application for life and/or critical illness insurance2022-07
E322*Application for one-time unlocking of up to 50 per cent of Alberta LIRA2016-02
E110*Application for policy change, reinstatement and/or reconsideration of rating2021-12
E128*Application for Premium Offset payment arrangement2020-06
E226*^Application for reinstatement - Clarica or Sun Long Term Care Insurance2017-09
4549-E*Application for reinstatement - Sun Retirement Health Assist2023-03
E67Application for reinstatement of life or critical illness insurance2017-08

Application for Sun Retirement Health Assist

E294Application to redeem locked-in money due to shortened life expectancy2016-01
E27Assignment of policy (collateral) - (uniform provinces)2013-01
E82*Transfer of ownership2022-08
*E268Asthma, bronchitis, or respiratory questionnaire2017-12
E256Attending physician's diabetic questionnaire2012-08
E72Authorization For Advance Payment Of Death Benefit2006-08
5981A-75Authorization for the disclosure of a driving record by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec2014-10
4376Authorization to disclose information to my advisor/LTCI specialist on life, critical illness and/or long term care insurance applications2020-06
E276Consent and release of personal information (formerly Authorization to disclose medical information) will be sent by Sun Life Financial, if required. 
4353Authorization to move money from non-registered contracts to Tax-Free Savings Account guaranteed savings contracts2008-12
E157Authorization to move money to non-registered guaranteed savings policies2021-04
E4*Aviation questionnaire2018-07
E22*Beneficiary change - GIC products Sun Life Financial Trust Inc. - RRSP / RRIF / TFSA (not applicable in Quebec)2014-09
E83*Beneficiary change request form2020-06
E84Beneficiary Claim Statement2017-11
4596*^Beneficiary claim statement for Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) 2020-11
10127 (Canada Life Form)Canada Life Policy Exchange Form2003-07
E29*Cancel contingent owner form2016-09
E4207Certificate of Incumbency2011-03
E220*Change form - Long term care insurance2021-12
906-0185*Change of Address/Telephone Number/E-mail Address2020-07
4710-WSH*Changing investment options or changing plan type to a SunUniversalLife II, SunUniversalLife Pro or a Sun Par plan on a pending application form2022-04
4616*^Contractual conversion form - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) 2021-06
E203Critical Illness Insurance - Claimant statement2019-11
E306Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - ALS and Motor Neuron Disease2017-09
E303Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Benign brain tumour2017-10
E201Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Cancer2017-10
E304Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Coma 2017-10
E199Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Heart attack2017-10
E305Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Multiple Sclerosis2019-02
E200Critical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Stroke/Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)2017-10
4407Critical illness out of country diagnosis questionnaire2010-05
E35Date of birth - confirmation2006-09
E99Declaration of death by estate trustee2007-05
4573-E*International tax self-certification for individuals2018-02
E18*Declaration of smoking status (for changes on existing policies only)2018-11
4599*^Declaration of spousal status - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds 2020-11
E113Declaration of transmission2010-08
4715*^Deferred sales charge reimbursement - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds2020-11
4137Dental claim form for Personal Health Insurance2016-08
E161Direct transfer to payout annuity2020-11
E14Disability claim - Attending physician's statement of disability2017-10
E13Disability claim - Claimant's statement2017-09
E15Disability claim - Employer's statement2012-05
E257Driver record authorization2022-06
E263Driving history questionnaire2012-08
E12*Drug questionnaire2019-12
E206Electronic funds transfer (EFT) for payout annuity products2020-11
4136Extended Health Care claim form for Personal Health Insurance2016-08
E45*Family history questionnaire2017-06
*E96Financial questionnaire2021-02
4389Foreign death questionnaire2017-09
E259*Foreign residence/travel questionnaire2018-03
4065*Health Coverage Choice application form (completed with an advisor)2022-03
MV2680 (ICBC Licensing support form)ICBC Driver's Licence Abstract Request or Certified Record(s)2003-04
4105Identity verification, third party determination and politically exposed foreign persons (PEFP) form (Investments and Wealth)
Note: This form is replaced by 4830-E and 4831-E.
4525Impaired annuities medical form 2023-01
E228*^Important information you should know2017-07
4540-EInformation about your application for Sun Retirement Health Assist and receipt2021-06
4557Third party determination2021-04
4104Identity verification, third party determination and politically exposed foreign persons (PEFP) form (Life insurance)N/A
4545*International tax classification for an entity2020-06
4545-I*Instruction page for completion of International tax classification for an entity2017-07
E98Irrevocable beneficiary appointment (Nova Scotia only)2007-05

Juvenile declaration of smoking status

Note: Please refer to Juvenile smoking status change for when to use this form.

4633*^Legacy settlement option - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds2021-03
E73Letter of authorization - Non-residents (CRA)2013-02
4388Life claims disappearance questionnaire2010-01

Life Insurance Replacement Declaration
(ONLY to be used by ALBERTA and BC)

Life Insurance Replacement Declaration
(ONLY to be used by ON, SASK, MAN., NS, PEI, NWT, YUK, NVT and NFLD)

E222Long term care insurance - Attending physician's statement2017-09
E221Long Term Care insurance - Claimant's statement2020-04
4299Mailing labels for in-force business (blue)2006-04
4300Mailing labels for new business (yellow)2006-04
4416Manitoba withdrawal/unlocking application - LIRA/LIF2010-06
E223Medical information and functionality ability questionnaire for long term care insurance2017-10
E19*Motor Racing Questionnaire2020-10
E17Mountain Climbing Questionnaire2022-03
E85*Note: This form is only used for life or health insurance products. Do not use for updates to Dealer products.

Name change or correction

4390Notice of movable hypothec without delivery (Quebec)2010-06
4610*^Order ticket - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) 2022-04
4531Out of Canada policy delivery authorization2013-06
4612*^Owner, annuitant, beneficiary change form - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds 2021-06
E298Pain questionnaire - long term care insurance2012-10
E53*Payee designation change for critical illness insurance policies2015-10
E323Personal Health Insurance - Add family member2014-09
E327Personal Health Insurance - Add optional benefit2014-09
E326Personal Health Insurance - Address change2008-04
4386*Personal Health Insurance - Application for dependants previously insured with PHI2017-12
E325Personal Health Insurance - Date of birth correction2009-02
4371Personal Health Insurance - Declaration of death2009-05
E324Personal Health Insurance - Name change or correction2009-02
4392Personal Health Insurance - Pre-authorized chequing (PAC) authorization for Web applications2009-10
4360Personal Health Insurance - Pre-authorized chequing (PAC) or Credit card authorization2018-06
4380Personal Health Insurance - Remove dependant2012-03
4366Personal Health Insurance - Remove optional benefit2012-03
E118Personal Health Insurance - terminating coverage with Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada2012-07
4584Personal Health Insurance (Quebec residents) - Confirmation of coverage through a group benefits plan or through Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)2014-09
3494*Personal Health Insurance application form (completed with an advisor)2022-04
4624*^Personal information change or correction - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds2020-11
E80Policy Loan Request2018-11
E229*Policy owner authorization to exercise policy options or make changes to your policy2016-08
E75*Pre-authorized chequing (PAC) authorization
Note: Frequency changes do not require a form to be completed. If changing to monthly and setting up a monthly PAC, please complete the E75.
3493Pre-underwriting guide - Sun Critical Illness Insurance2015-02
E261Proof of Claim of Assignee - Uniform Provinces2005-06
E275Proof of claim of hypothecary creditor (Quebec)2009-08
E65Proof of Death/Physician's Statement2013-11
*E264Mental health questionnaire2021-04

RapidApp/Tele-interviewing application for life and/or critical illness insurance

E36*Release of beneficiary's interest2014-09
E37Release of interest of assignee (uniform provinces)2013-02
E42Release of interest of movable hypothec (Quebec)2013-02
906-0220*Request for CNA Term to SunUniversalLife Conversion Illustration2016-03
E44Request for confidential information regarding persons discharged from the Armed Forces2022-03
E43Request for confidential information regarding serving members of the Canadian Forces2022-03
E273Request for disclosure of reasons for underwriting decision2014-07
E20Request for information from medical records2012-10
906-0225*^Request for Service Advisor2021-09
810-1625*Request for Sun product in-force illustration2019-09
E79*Request to cancel your insurance policy2020-07
4352*Request to surrender a term certain payout annuity2020-11
4351Request to unlock up to 50 per cent of Federal RLIF2012-11
E277Responsibility to report cancer or benign brain tumour 2023-02
E25Scheduled automatic withdrawals from a guaranteed wealth product2012-05
4656*Skiing, snowboarding and/or snowmobiling questionnaire2019-12
4255Source of funds declaration (for Bermuda use only)2010-06
E297*Spousal consent to transfer to a Life Income Fund (LIF) - Ontario2016-07
E167Spousal declaration2005-07
E2Disabled Child Coverage2017-01
4417-FEDSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds for federal pensions2011-08
4417-ABSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Alberta2011-08
4417-BCSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in British Columbia2011-08
4417-MBSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Manitoba2011-08
4417-NBSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in New Brunswick2012-02
4417-NLSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Newfoundland and Labrador2011-11
4417-NS*Spousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Nova Scotia
(* can be completed online)
4417-ON*Spousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Ontario2018-01
4417-QCSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Quebec2011-08
4417-SKSpousal status declaration for deceased contract owner - Locked-in funds in Saskatchewan2011-08
4391Successor annuitant change form2020-01
4604*Sun GIF Solutions - Request to add Estate and/or Income Series 2020-11
4603*Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) - Nominee & Intermediary ApplicationN/A
4601*Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) - Non-Registered/Registered/Locked-in ApplicationN/A
4602*Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs) - TFSA ApplicationN/A
4539Sun Retirement Health Assist - policy review checklist2021-06
810-3661*SunFlex Retirement Income - Performance-linked investments change request2020-11
810-3661A*SunFlex Retirement Income - Performance-linked investments change request for former Flexible Income Plan (FIP) clients2020-11
810-3662SunFlex Retirement Income - Request for an income advance2020-11
810-3660SunFlex Retirement Income - Request to transfer income to a Sun Life Payout Annuity2020-11
E318Application for access to the policy fund when disabled - Claimant's statement of disability2017-01
E319Application for access to the policy fund when disabled - Attending physician's statement of disability2017-01
E272*Early death benefit beneficiary election or change2019-09
E279Telephone access for client inquiries or transactions change form2009-10
4379*^Third party authorization form2014-06
4623*^Third party authorization form - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds2020-11
4613*^Transaction authorization - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds2020-11
4621*^Transfer authorization for non-registered investments - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs)2021-06
4622*^Transfer authorization for registered investments - Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs)2021-06
4378Transfer from a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) to another TFSA on breakdown of marriage or common-law partnership2020-11
E63Transfer registered assets from another company to a registered product2008-12
E9*Translator services declaration (For use on life, critical illness and long term care insurance applications.)2020-06
E24*Underwater diving questionnaire2019-12
4693*Use of tobacco and nicotine products questionnaire2018-07
E81Withdrawal or transfer from a guaranteed wealth product2020-11
E28*Contingent owner change form2019-07
E154W*Investment account change and allocation2020-05
E18B*Declaration of smoking status (for pending applications only)2018-02
4830-E*Identity verification, third party determination and politically exposed persons (PEP) for individual owners2022-05
4830-IInstruction page for completion of Identity verification, third party determination and politically exposed persons (PEP) for individual owners2022-05
4831-E*Identity verification and third party determination for entity owners2022-05
4831-IInstruction page for completion of Identity verification and third party determination for entity owners2021-10
E4355*Non face-to-face identity verification by agent or mandatary, third party determination and politically exposed persons (PEP)2021-10
4842Tax - Personal information change / correction2017-06
4860-E*Responsibility to report Parkinson's disease and specified atypical parkinsonian disorders2022-03
4545-NFE-EInstructions for completion of International tax classification for a non-financial entity2018-02
4915-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Heart surgery2018-05
4916-ECritical Illness Insurance - Physician's statement - Alzheimer's disease2018-05
4917-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Parkinson's disease2018-05
4918-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Acquired brain injury (ABI)2018-05
4919-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Major organ failure including kidney2018-05
E276-MAILCNEConsent and release of personal information2018-05
E276-MAILWESTConsent and release of personal information2018-05
E276-MAILQCConsent and release of personal information2018-05
E276-FAXConsent and release of personal information2018-05
E276-SUNPHIConsent and release of personal information2018-05
N/ANotice of Replacement of Insurance of Persons Contract available online in electronic format only on the Autorité des marchés financiers website. (Quebec)N/A
4968-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Loss of Independent Existence (LOIE)2019-05
4969-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Blindness, Deafness or Loss of speech 2019-05
4970-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Paralysis2019-05
4971-ECritical illness insurance - Physician's statement - Severe burns or Loss of limbs2019-05
4290-EUnclaimed property search request2021-11
4427Transfer authorization for registered investments2019-01
4428Transfer authorization for non-registered investments2019-01
4459Written analysis to accompany Life Insurance Replacement Declaration2015-11
Manitoba Public Insurance – Driver Abstract/Claims Experience Letter Request Form2021-01

Legacy settlement option - Insurance GIC*