Digital Client Engagement

Enhance Client service with digital tools

The success of your business can hinge on your ability to deliver exceptional service. But what does great service look like?

According to LIMRA and the Boston Consulting Group, it doesn’t depend as much on human interaction as you may think. While the human touch will always be part of the sales and service process, Client engagement models that involve a mix of digital and human interactions are here to stay. That’s because technology can help you grow your practice, enhance the Client experience and improve efficiency.

Sun Life’s range of digital tools can help you upgrade, and potentially transform, your pre-pandemic sales model. A few are product-specific and some are available only to Clients, while others you can use to connect with prospects.

Grow your practice

A key to growing your business is delivering exceptional Client experiences. And for prospects and Clients both, that experience often starts online. Most people seek information online when considering purchases outside of their regular buying experience. Life and wealth products are no exception. These tools help you provide the information that Clients and prospects are looking for. They’ll also help you build your brand and deepen your relationships.

Advisor Best Practices

Helping you service Clients better and grow your business, the Advisor Best Practices site is the resource hub that provides you with everything you may need – all in one place. Access more than 100 videos, articles, guides and tools to help you build your practice on all levels. Stay ahead of industry disruption and turn prospects into Clients for life.

Partner Kit

Video marketing can be a powerful tool for building your visibility online and attracting prospects. Partner Kit makes it easy to share information through video with Clients. It houses a range of videos on key financial topics and strategies. You can add your own branding and use video marketing to help expand your reach to Clients, prospects and centres of influence.

Lumino Health

You can assist Clients and prospects with health or wellness needs by sharing information online from Lumino Health. The site gives you access to articles about mental health and wellness featuring advice from experts. Reaching out with relevant information demonstrates that your priority is Clients’ well-being, whether it’s physical, mental or financial. It also helps you stay top of mind with Clients and prospects.

Enhance Client experience

Sun Life’s suite of wellness offerings helps you expand the value proposition of the insurance Clients buy from you. Reminding Clients of these services is also an opportunity to check in and continue building your relationship. Encourage Clients to access these services digitally or by phone.

Best Doctors

Assist Clients who are facing medical uncertainty by reminding them of their access to Best Doctors services. These services are available with some individual critical illness insurance and personal health insurance plans. By helping Clients access expert medical advice through Best Doctors, you can help ensure they’re receiving the right information, advice and treatment.

And if they’re struggling with a mental health condition, remind them that Best Doctors also includes Mental Health Navigator. This service helps provide guidance when Clients are dealing with a mental health condition that isn’t improving.

Best Doctors isn't part of the policy. We can't guarantee its availability. It may be withdrawn or modified at any time without any notice.


Connect Clients with unbiased information about local, qualified health care and personal care providers through LifestageCare. This service is available on all Sun Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) and Sun Retirement Health Assist (RHA) plans.

By directing them to this service, you can help Clients meet their individual and family needs at every stage of life. For seniors, LifestageCare provides information on aging, retirement residences, nursing homes, home care and community care. It also offers information on self-care for Clients seeking personal advice on well-being, addiction treatment, budget and credit counselling and physical rehabilitation. For those raising children and teens, there are resources for parenting, child care and special needs services.

LifestageCare isn't part of the policy. We can't guarantee its availability. It may be withdrawn or modified at any time without any notice.

Improve efficiency

These digital tools can help reduce lower-value work. They’ll help you devote more of your time to valuable interactions with Clients and prospects. They’ll also make it easier for you to do business with Clients. That, in turn, can help increase their satisfaction in working with you.

my Sun Life mobile app

Empower Clients – and free up your time – by steering them to the my Sun Life mobile app. The app provides Clients with information about their Sun Life insurance coverage and group plans anytime, anywhere. By putting the app in the hands of Clients, you can help them:

  • see a consolidated view of any workplace investments or benefits they have through Sun Life
  • submit claims (vision, paramedical and dental claims, if applicable) for automatic processing and payment if they have Personal Health Insurance (PHI) or Health Coverage Choice (HCC)
  • view information about recently submitted or processed claims, and access their drug and travel cards
  • access the Lumino Provider Search tool and Lumino Resources & Offers, if these features are included in their group plan. These can help Clients find health care savings.

Giving Clients access to this information right within their smartphone means you can spend less time answering calls and emails, and more time delivering financial advice. It’s easy to arrange. Just point Clients to the App Store or Google Play to download and sign into the my Sun Life mobile app. Client Portal

Connect Clients to the self-serve options available on the web through Once they sign in, Clients can view their individually owned and workplace Sun Life insurance products. By introducing Clients to the Portal, you’re offering them direct access to information and services. This leaves you with more time to address their more complex concerns. Clients can:

  • choose to go paperless for insurance statements Sun Life offers digitally
  • submit claims (vision, paramedical and dental claims, if applicable) for automatic processing and payment if they have Personal Health Insurance (PHI) or Health Coverage Choice (HCC)
  • access your contact information
  • see a consolidated view of any workplace investments or benefits through Sun Life
  • access the Lumino Health Centre. This helps Clients navigate, access and consume products and services that help them live healthier lives. They can book appointments with over 150,000 health professionals, search by cost and ratings, and benefit from exclusive discounts.

You can help Clients register for the Portal by directing them to to obtain their login credentials.

Advisor Site

A great way to gain efficiencies in your practice is through the Sun Life Advisor Site. The site brings together a wealth of information and features, such as:

  • comprehensive product content
  • access to Advisor Learning Navigator, a convenient way to earn your continuing education (CE) credits
  • a suite of resources on sales strategies and concepts
  • Practice Management and Professional Development resources and best practices to help support the growth of your business

Sign into the Advisor Site to use these helpful tools:

  • Customer Access Support Tool: Gain a “Client view” on policies for which you are the advisor of record with the Customer Access Support Tool (CAST). You’ll find CAST on the login landing page of the Advisor Site, under the “Client Service Tools” menu.
  • Sun eApp: Save time on life and critical illness applications by taking advantage of the intuitive design of our digital platform. Your user dashboard displays all your open cases and the status of each. By guiding you through the process and auto-populating previously provided information, the application can help prevent mistakes before they happen. The Sun eApp helps you work more efficiently and improve turnaround times, letting you deliver great Client experiences.
  • Sun Life Illustrations on the web: If you’re still using the desktop version of Sun Life Illustrations, the web version can save you time. The most up-to-date information is always available, with no need for installs. The web version also offers a great compare tool and lets you share illustrations with your team.
  • EIMweb: This platform provides you with remote access to summarized information of your detailed commission activity, associated balances and commission statements.
  • Client Portfolio: By centralizing information, the Client Portfolio makes it easy and efficient to access summary and detailed Client contract particulars. The summary view shows you the status of all contracts for a Client, if available. And you can access each policy to view details.