Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada Code of Conduct


Act with integrity

  • Honest
  • Reliable
  • Ethical
  • Act in client's best interest
  • Not be party to or condone any activity that is illegal, dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful

Personal and professional integrity is the cornerstone of your business. Integrity requires honesty, reliability and ethical behaviour at all times in order to earn and maintain the trust and confidence of your clients. It requires that you act in your clients' best interests when providing products and services. Integrity means you will not participate in or condone activities that are illegal, dishonest, fraudulent or deceitful.

Act with competence and diligence

  • Develop and maintain the level of knowledge and skill required to assist clients
  • Continuous learning and professional development
  • Recognize limitations; use resources available

Competence is demonstrated in the knowledge and skills you apply when providing products and services. It is acquired through education, training, and experience, and maintained through continuous learning that enhances your professional development. Competence includes the wisdom to recognize the limitations of your knowledge and when consultation with or client referral to another individual is in your client's best interest. Diligence means that you provide prompt and thorough service based on your clients' needs and objectives.

Act with fairness

  • Present accurate and complete facts related to product, service and company information
  • Be impartial
  • Be equitable
  • Avoid conflict of interest
  • Disclose conflict of interest

Fairness is treating others with the same respect and dignity with which you would want to be treated. You must remain impartial in order to provide services and products suitable for your clients. To act fairly, you must avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of conflict of interest. Where a conflict of interest exists or has the potential to exist, disclose it promptly to your client.

Maintain confidentiality of your clients' personal information

  • Safeguard all personal and confidential information, whether in paper or electronic format
  • Respect the confidence of clients
  • Comply with privacy legislation and company guidelines

Your business is based on trust which can only be maintained when you hold all personal information in strictest confidence. You are responsible for protecting your clients' confidential and personal information against theft, loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction or misuse. You must take all precautions to safeguard personal and confidential information disclosed to you and in your possession, whether it's held in paper or electronic format. Compliance with federal and provincial privacy legislation and with Sun Life Financial's guidelines on privacy demonstrates your commitment to confidentiality.

Act with professionalism

  • Maintain highest standard of professional conduct
  • Conduct business in a way that reflects positively on the profession

Your conduct should always reflect positively on the profession. Maintain a high standard of professional conduct with your clients and other financial service providers. Avoid activities that negatively affect the quality of your service. You must act with the highest standards of ethics expected by the regulators, the industry and Sun Life Financial.

Act in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law

  • Know and comply with all legislation and regulations governing your business
  • Monitor activities of employees
  • Know the rules, regulations, policies and guidelines that apply to you, your business and your relationship with clients

You must comply with all legislation, regulations, guidelines, and company standards that govern your business. You must know the requirements that apply to your business, including but not limited to: product related regulations and guidelines, anti-money laundering legislation and guidelines, anti-terrorist financing legislation, suitability requirements, privacy legislation and guidelines. You must regulate yourself and your employees, ensuring your activities meet both the letter and spirit of the law.

Conduct business objectively

  • Place clients' interests above self-interest

You must always place your clients' interests above your own interests, acting on the instructions of your clients. Your recommendations must be based on fact and presented in an impartial way, allowing your clients to make an independent, informed decision.