Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame recognizes a distinguished and select group of independent advisors who go above and beyond to deliver on the company's vision of helping Canadians achieve lifetime financial security. The Hall of Fame celebrates members who are leaders and role models, and through their commitment to their clients, have made significant and lasting contributions to the insurance industry.

An advisor who is inducted into the Hall of Fame is recognized as one of the industry's best and embodies the distinct qualities that Sun Life Financial holds in the highest esteem - leadership, achievement and service excellence.

Earning Hall of Fame ballots

Becoming an eligible Hall of Fame inductee is determined by an advisor’s yearly Strategic Partner Program qualification status. When advisors qualify for the Strategic Partner Program they will earn Hall of Fame ballots. Ballots are earned in the following manner:


Partner level

Select level

Premier level

Ballots earned




Rewarding advisors throughout their journey

We understand it takes many years to be considered eligible for Hall of Fame induction. That’s why it’s important to reward and recognize advisors throughout their journey. As advisors work toward eligibility, they’ll pass through three different levels of distinction, each offering its own unique benefits and rewards:


Charitable incentives

Recognition rewards

Associate (20 ballots)

$1,000 charitable donation match in recognition year

Special event with Vice-President

Leader (30 ballots)

$2,000 charitable donation match in recognition year

Special event with Vice-President

Fellow (40 ballots)

$5,000 charitable donation match in recognition year

Special event with Senior Executive


Advisors who’ve earned the distinction of Fellow and have worked with Sun Life Financial for a period of 20 years or more, will be considered for Hall of Fame induction. Hall of Fame members will be selected by a committee of Sun Life Financial executives who will consider an eligible inductee’s candidacy based on:

  • memberships with reputable industry associations,
  • involvement with charitable foundations and causes, and
  • persistency of business placed with Sun Life throughout their career.
Hall of Fame induction

When advisors are selected for induction into the Hall of Fame, they receive the following rewards and benefits in recognition of their achievement:

  • Customized tailor-made Hall of Fame blazer
  • Permanent commemoration on Sun Life Financial’s Hall of Fame wall
  • Framed certificate and congratulatory letter from the President of Sun Life Financial Canada
  • Placement of advertorial in inductee’s local newspaper of choice
  • One-time $5,000 charitable donation to a foundation of the inductee’s choice
  • Lifetime Select membership in the Strategic Partner Program
  • Special outing with a Senior Executive of Sun Life Financial


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