Universal life insurance

PDFTitle and description
SunUniversalLife II - Investment Account Options This booklet is a reference guide for clients’ use when selecting investment accounts for their policy. Note: The investment account options booklet is intended to be used in conjunction with the online investment account fact sheets. These fact sheets provide historical rates of return and other useful information for each of the accounts offered.
SunUniversalLife II Advisor Guide Detailed description of how the product works, its options and benefits.
Sun Life Diversified Account Facts and Figures
Shedding Light on Life Insurance Use this interactive booklet to give your clients a basic understanding of a variety of life insurance options. The focus is on educating clients to help them feel more comfortable discussing financial concepts with you.
SunUniversalLife II - Client Guide A guide designed for clients to help them understand the features and benefits of this product.
Which Sun Life insurance product for which client? This product comparison chart highlights the issue ages, client profiles and the client needs that each product addresses. Use it to find the right life insurance product for each client.