Term insurance

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SunTerm Advisor Guide (20-page advisor guide) All the information you need to know about SunTerm including product features and benefits, underwriting requirements, conversion options, administrative and contact details. Advisor use only.

October 2021
SunTerm underwriting at a glance (1 page underwriting at a glance) Summarizes the underwriting criteria to help you explain to your clients how their health influences the class of rates they may qualify to receive on their term policy. Advisor use only. June 2021

Top Five card (1 page, double-sided flyer) This flyer highlights the top five reasons why Sun Life should be your number one choice for Term and includes a summary of the optional benefits that clients can use to customize their policies. Advisor use only.

June 2021

SunTerm Client Guide (8-page client guide) Share this guide with clients to explain how SunTerm can deliver affordable and flexible protection for families and businesses. The eight-page client guide highlights the features and benefits of SunTerm.

January 2021
Shedding light on... Life insurance Use this interactive booklet to give your clients a basic understanding of a variety of life insurance options. The focus is on educating clients to help them feel more comfortable discussing financial concepts with you.January 2020

SunTerm 30 - Your Mortgage Protection Solution (1 page flyer) This one-page flyer gives you an example to help illustrate the advantages of the new SunTerm 30, a mortgage protection solution you can offer clients who are looking to cover temporary life insurance needs beyond 20 years. Advisor use only.

June 2019