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Sun Life Financial invests in proprietary research to provide you with insight into Canada's evolving lifestyle and financial landscape. Armed with a better understanding of market and consumer behaviours, you can anticipate your clients' needs and help them plan to achieve their financial goals.

Oath video series

Canadian hip-hop sensation Kardinal Offishall sits down with acclaimed music producer Gavin Brown and talks about falling in love with music and how it helps him give back to his community.

Sam Roberts, the lead singer of the Canadian rock group, Sam Roberts Band, shares his story about how he created a life in music he loves.

Canadian music producer Gavin Brown sits down with Vancouver Island indie rockers Mother Mother to talk about how the group has stayed together for over 10 years.

Country music artist Brett Kissel joins long-time Canadian music producer Gavin Brown to chat about how his family and fans have deeply impacted his work as an entertainer.

Bright moments

Jeff's story
A man in his mid-50s has worked with his advisor for years. By building this relationship, he feels more confident about his retirement and is a firm believer in the value of advice.

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Meghan's story
A young woman's decision to work with an advisor puts her at ease about the financial future of her small business. Now she can focus on following her passions, like her dance studio.

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In brief video series

4 key questions to ask yourself before investing
Mark Coutts, Sun Life Financial advisor, President, Coutts Financial

Why every advisor needs a professional network
Wayne Miller, AVP, Strategic Business Development

Anxious investors? How to build guarantees into their retirement plans
Colin Henry, RVP, Wealth Distribution

Have you met with your clients' heirs? How to build that relationship today
Brian Burlacoff, Sun Life Financial advisor

Canadian market research

Everyday Canadian retirees were asked to provide their advice for a happy and successful retirement as well as their perspective on the findings in the Retirement Now Special Report. See what they had to say.


Sun Life Retirement Now Special Report Highlights

Sun Life Retirement Now

The findings in the Sun Life Retirement Now Special Report1 provide you with a balanced, insightful view of the evolving state of retirement in Canada that is specifically focused on the mid-market - those with $100K to $500K of investable assets.

Retirement Now video
Sun Life Retirement Now Report executive summary

Sun Life Canadian Health Index

The Sun Life Canadian Health Index provides a comprehensive snapshot of the attitudes, perceptions and behaviours of Canadians relating to their health.


Sun Life Canadian Unretirement Index

Gain insights and explore the outlooks and behaviours of working Canadians between the ages of 30 and 65. The term "unretirement" reflects the growing trend away from early retirement and working past the traditional retirement age of 65.

Past report
Past Special report

Sun Life Financial Bright Papers

As part of Sun Life Financial's business objective to improve the customer journey, we look for ways to make it easier for advisors to educate clients about their finances, help provide the right solutions and plan for their vision of retirement. Bright Papers provide a fresh perspective on emerging trends and topics.

Loss aversion and client portfolios: Strategies for addressing a powerful bias

One of the most significant tendencies clients have when investing is called "loss aversion" - a strong desire to avoid loss - that could have negative impacts on retirement plans. The good news is: there are several strategies you can use to manage the impact of loss aversion.

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Industry white papers
Bolstering the balance sheet

Why business owners are investing millions in a strategy that CPAs often miss.


Life insurance and high net worth Canadians: An eye-opening opportunity

To better understand the high net worth (HNW) client profile, Sun Life Financial asked Ipsos to conduct a study of HNW Canadians (with a minimum of $1 million in investable assets, many of whom are business owners). The research, completed in January 2016, reveals a financial literacy gap among the HNW segment. Kevin Press' research paper, "Life insurance and high net worth Canadians: An eye-opening opportunity" explores this gap and concludes that there is a significant opportunity for advisors to help HNW clients connect their financial planning goals with insurance product attributes.


Life Insurance as an Asset Class

This research paper examines the merits of permanent life insurance as an alternative asset class. Though known more for its estate planning benefits than as an investment tool, permanent life insurance is attracting attention among investors looking to improve the return or reduce the risk of the fixed-income portion of their investment portfolio.


Retirement Resource Centre
Get the insights on trending retirement topics to grow your business

The Retirement Resource Centre (RRC) is Sun Life Financial's sponsored hub on and is the go-to place for advisors to learn more about the retirement market — with articles and insights focused on topics that impact clients thinking about, nearing or in retirement.

The intent of this resource is simple: to help you succeed in today’s retirement market.

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