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Money for Life web app - build your business in the retirement market

Sun Life Financial's Money for Life web app is easy to use and brings retirement planning to life. From interactive multimedia to conversation starters you can enhance your retirement planning conversations from your iPad, laptop or PC - anytime, anywhere.

This quick video highlights the tools and resources and shows how it's easier than ever to access the Money for Life web app.

Annuity & GIC income comparison

Your clients want to enjoy the savings they've built and get the most from their money. The Annuity & GIC income comparison tool compares the income your clients receive from a life annuity to withdrawing the same amount of income from a GIC. It shows compelling comparison graphs and tables based on information specific to your client, such as premium amount, premium source, and annual income.

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Buy now, buy later

An annuity can be a retirement income solution for your clients. You can use the Buy now, buy later tool to help them see how and when purchasing an annuity could impact their income.

The tool helps to compare what would happen if they purchase a life annuity today, in today's interest rate environment, or buy one in the future, exploring different interest rate scenarios.

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Longevity risk illustrator

Estimating Canadian's lifespans with greater accuracy can give you an edge in retirement income planning. The Longevity Risk Illustrator considers the probability of living to different ages based on current age, gender, and relationship status. This interactive tool can show your clients how long they'll need retirement income and some of the risks associated with living longer.

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Sustainable income demo

Help your clients see how selecting a payout annuity can lead to a higher total income and a reduced risk of outliving their money, even in a low interest rate environment.

By completing three easy steps in the Sustainable income demo, you can show your clients how a life annuity can work for them.

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Your health, your retirement

Having enough money to cover basic needs and lifestyle choices is an important part of retirement planning. And because everyone's health will change as they get older, it's just as important for your clients' plans to address emerging health needs and the costs they bring.

Use the Your health, your retirement resource to explore health as part of Money for Life, how it can impact your clients' retirement and what they can do about it.

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Make the most of the booming retirement market opportunity with the Money for Life web app!

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