May 26, 2016

Updated smoking definition for Life and CI

As part of our commitment to helping you place every acceptable case, we monitor the latest medical and health research. Now that studies are available on the impacts of marijuana use, we have updated our guidelines accordingly.

Clients who use marijuana will no longer be charged smoker rates, unless they also use tobacco.  

We're working to identify all pending applications affected by this change and will update the smoking status when we make our underwriting decision.

This change will not be automatically applied to policies that have already been settled. If you have any clients who are paying smoker rates because of their marijuana use they'll need to apply for a change to non-smoker rates, using form E18 Declaration of smoking status. Until the form is updated, the client will need to answer yes to the smoking questions. Please use the detail section to indicate they use marijuana only and record the amount used. As with any request to change to non-smoker rates ensure the client understands that we will assess their overall health in addition to their smoking status.

We will update all forms, applications as quickly as possible.