New applications - Rate commitments

Commitments for new applications – explanation

A client applying for a new contract may find a current interest rate attractive and wish to reserve that rate for an investment. We will provide a rate commitment for up to 45 days. In order to reserve a rate for an investment in a new account, the requirements set out below must be met.

Your role

To secure the rate, the application must be faxed in its entirety to 1-866-487-4745 the day it is signed. The application must be completed in full and must specify the interest rate for which the commitment is sought. We will confirm the rate matches our then current rate. The original application should be forwarded to our office through your regular process. We will establish the contract as soon as the original application and the deposit are received by Sun Life Financial.

It is important that your client understands that the commitment reserves a specific interest rate and does not guarantee "the better of". If our current rate for that investment has increased by the date we receive the funds, we will apply the rate established under the rate commitment and not the current higher rate.