Accelerated Underwriting 

Easy. Fast. We're extending Accelerated Underwriting to new ages and face amounts

Accelerated Underwriting speeds up underwriting by using AI to identify whether Clients need labs as part of their life insurance applications.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, this technology is more important than ever.  It allows us to continue to underwrite your Clients even while paramedical appointments are suspended.

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Who’s eligible for Accelerated Underwriting

Clients in the following ranges are eligible:

  • age 18-40 applying for $500K to $2 million of life insurance
  • age 41-50 applying for $250K to $1 million of life insurance

Totals represent combined applications submitted over the last 12 months.

How does it works

Underwriting requirements aren’t updated in Illustrations yet. For eligible Clients, follow these steps:

  • Request a tele-interview for Clients
  • We’ll order the tele-interview
  • If we need labs after the tele-interview, we’ll order those too. Unfortunately, we cannot do this until paramedical services resume.
  • No matter what, we’ll keep you updated along the way

It’s that easy.

You can also order a tele-interview any time non-medical evidence is required. A paramedical isn't needed, and shouldn't be ordered.

Where can I learn more?
Current availability of preferred rates for SunTerm

As of September 2019 preferred rate classes 1, 2 and 4 are not available to Clients 18-40 applying for $500,000 to $1,000,000.

Clients can still apply for preferred rates for other ages and face amounts. However, applications for preferred rates require lab work. Applications will be delayed until paramedical appointments resume.