Saving needs

Money set aside regularly or invested for future needs.

Your clients likely have retirement savings on their minds - whatever stage of life they're in. And the majority of them are expecting to rely heavily on their own savings and investments to fund their retirement. Unfortunately almost 40% of working Canadians worry about outliving their savings.* But, your advice can make a difference. Of those who work with an advisor, 60% are satisfied with how much they're saving for retirement, compared with 33% of those without an advisor.*

A savings plan can be simple and pain-free. And the sooner your clients start saving, the better.

For clients with 10 to 15 working years left, start the conversation by showing them the Money for Life: getting ready for retirement video. It highlights how they can protect their savings, assets and lifestyle.

Here are some tools to get you started:

  • Money for Life - Saving needs course (CE accredited)
    Gain insights into how Canadians feel about their saving situation. Looking at key statistics and sentiments, we'll break down the latest facts and figures on Canadians' saving habits, managing debt versus saving for retirement, and why they prioritize short- over long-term goals. This course is part of a 6-part series that takes a deep dive into each of the 5 needs-based conversations, plus a general overview to get started. Uncover Canadian sentiments, the benefits of having needs-based conversations for you and your clients, and the solutions available to address their needs. To access the course:
    • Click on the Insights section.
    Don't have access? Register now. In order to register, you must have placed business with Sun Life Financial in the past.
  • Prospecting emails - Start a savings needs conversation
  • Conversation starter - Let's talk savings needs - This PDF will help you start the savings conversation. Offering insights and statistics on how Canadians are prioritizing their savings, along with their concerns, you will find talking points and information on the risks and potential solutions for client's' short- and long-term goals.
  • Retirement planning: working with debt (video) - Watch this video to see how personal debt has an impact on retirement savings for each life stage and how you can help.
  • Resources and calculators on

Products that may help to satisfy savings needs:


Have questions about how savings fits in the Money for Life conversation? Talk with your Wealth sales team.