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Our marketing materials are an extension of that ad and will support you in the sales process. They include materials geared to clients in every life stage:

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870-4483 (Simplified Chinese)

Investments. Protection. Freedom. Now and in retirement. Show clients how the Money for Life approach can help them live retirement their way and be financially prepared for issues that arise with age. Use this as a tool to help clients see how expenses change throughout retirement and how they can plan to cover their evolving needs.

September 2016

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870-4482 (Simplified Chinese)

Investments. Protection. Freedom. Now and in retirement. Show younger clients and growing families how working with an advisor can help them to build their savings and protect the assets they've worked so hard to build.

September 2016

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Show clients how Money for Life can help meet and protect their four main needs in retirement:

  • Building for the future - Encourage younger clients to make the most of today and start thinking about tomorrow.
  • Getting ready for retirement - Discuss with clients the importance of protecting their savings, especially in the years leading up to retirement.
  • Basic needs - Money for necessities like food, housing and clothing.
  • Health needs - Money for basic medical expenses, like prescription drugs, to maintain health, and emerging personal and physical care costs that comes with age.
  • Lifestyle and growth needs - Money for leisure activities, like travel and hobbies, along with unexpected expenses that might come up, like a home repair.
  • Legacy needs - Money to leave behind to take care of the things that are meaningful to the client.

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