Building for the future

Clients in the "building for the future" stage have a lot on their minds. They're thinking about work, buying their first homes and often raising kids. Many will agree that saving for retirement is important, but it's not always their highest priority.

Now there's an easy way to encourage younger clients to make the most of today and start thinking about tomorrow.

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  • Family protection insurance

    Parents want to do what's right for their family and that includes building and maintaining a strong financial foundation for their family's future. Having the right insurance in place for each family member is an important step in protecting that foundation.

  • Mortgage protection insurance

    During their home-buying process, clients will have many items on their to-do list before they get the keys to their new home - but protecting their mortgage with term life insurance and critical illness insurance rarely makes the list. Most people are unaware of the need for insurance until their lender asks them if they want it added to their mortgage. Let's change that.

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