At the whiteboard - Money for Life video series

Use whiteboard videos to start conversations with your clients about building and protecting their savings, protecting their families, covering future health needs, and planning for retirement. Check back regularly for new videos.

Changing needs

Money for Life starts with a conversation

Show this engaging video to clients and prospects to introduce them to Money for Life and start a conversation about lifetime financial security. 

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Money for Life - Why health?

Start the health conversation by showing clients the Money for Life - Why health? video, which highlights how health needs and costs typically progress through five stages of care. It helps introduce how their health can impact their retirement and the importance of planning for their health today and for what it will be in the future.

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Money for Life - Getting ready for retirement

Start the conversation by showing your clients the Money for Life - Getting ready for retirement video, which highlights how they can protect their savings, assets and lifestyles.

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Sales strategies

Money for Life - Protecting your wealth with insurance

A lot of clients believe an old myth about life insurance: "the wealthier you are, the less you need insurance." But the reality is, the more they have, the more they have to lose. In this video, we're busting the myth and asking Canadians to re-think insurance. We're back at the whiteboard showing viewers how insurance can both preserve and enhance their wealth.

Prospecting client email


Money for Life - Getting ready for retirement - covering the basics

No matter how long your retirement lasts, a life annuity gives you the security of knowing you'll have guaranteed retirement income for life. Check out this video to find out more about life annuities, how they work and how allocating as little as 25% of your retirement savings into a life annuity can help you protect your lifestyle throughout retirement.

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Money for Life - Understanding life annuities

Clients always need to cover their basic living needs in retirement. A life annuity gives clients the security of knowing they'll have a guaranteed monthly cheque no matter how long their retirement lasts, they could pay less tax on the income they earn and they even have the option to leave a legacy.

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