Lifestyle and growth needs

Money for leisure activities and a long life

The old standard of living off less no longer applies. Today's retirees want to indulge in whatever makes them happy and fulfilled to live their idea of a redefined retirement to its fullest. Since they're living longer, they'll need to make sure their retirement income lasts a lifetime.

Here are some tools to get you started:

  • Money for Life - Lifestyle and growth needs course (CE accredited)
    Understand how Canadians feel about their lifestyle, prioritize their needs and use investment growth to fund short- and long-term goals at each life stage. This course is part of a 6-part series that takes a deep dive into each of the 5 needs-based conversations, plus a general overview to get started. Uncover Canadian sentiments, the benefits of having needs-based conversations for you and your clients, and the solutions available to address their needs. To access the course:
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    Don't have access? Register now. In order to register, you must have placed business with Sun Life Financial in the past.
  • Retirement lifestyle quiz (810-4267)

    Send this quiz to clients to start the conversation about their lifestyle vision in retirement.

    This quiz is available as a fillable PDF that can be sent to the client to complete electronically.

Products that work best to satisfy these needs:


Have questions about lifestyle needs and how they fit into the Money for Life conversation? Talk to your wealth sales director.

*On July 29, 2015, the word "Managed" was replaced by the word "Granite" in the name of each Sun Life Granite Managed Solution