Health needs

Money for basic medical expenses and emerging health-care costs

Having enough money to cover basic needs and lifestyle choices is an important part of retirement planning. And because everyone's health will change as they get older, it's just as important for a plan to address emerging health needs and the costs they bring.

Start the health conversation by showing clients the Money for Life – Why health? video, which highlights how health needs and costs typically progress through five stages of care. It helps introduce how their health can impact their retirement and the importance of planning for their health today and for what it will be in the future.

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Here are some tools to get you started:

  • Money for Life - Health needs course (CE accredited)
    Understand how Canadians feel about their health, why they may not prioritize or understand their potential health-care needs, and why it's important to factor in health needs when building clients' plans. This course is part of a 6-part series that takes a deep dive into each of the 5 needs-based conversations, plus a general overview to get started. Uncover Canadian sentiments, the benefits of having needs-based conversations for you and your clients, and the solutions available to address their needs. To access the course:
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In combination with Your health, your retirement, a component of the Money for Life web app, use these resources with clients to better understand and demonstrate the value of health insurance within a holistic retirement plan:

Products that work best to satisfy these needs:


Have questions about health needs and how they fit into the Money for Life™ conversation? Talk to your wealth sales director.