Payout annuity

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Defined benefit pension plan - Options upon retirement or termination of employment (1 page fact sheet) Explains the options members of a defined benefit pension plan have when leaving an employer.

April 2019

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Overcoming payout annuity objections (8 page guide) "I want my money to grow." "Interest rates are too low." Address these and other client objections about payout annuities with this informative 8-page guide.

April 2019

Client guide to payout annuities (8 page guide) This guide is designed to educate clients about the benefits of payout annuities. It includes features and benefits, how they work, payment types and benefit information.

January 2019

Meet your income needs while delaying your CPP (4 page client brochure). Explains how to use a term certain annuity to bridge income until an investor is ready to take CPP income.

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Payout annuity advisor guide (28 page advisor guide) Your guide to the payout annuity product. The document provides detailed information that will help you more fully understand this product.

June 2019

Payout annuity - Product at a glance (2 page product at a glance) Highlights the features of the payout annuity product. This will help you become more familiar with the product. Advisor use only.

June 2019 PDF only - Please print the PDF
Enjoying your retirement? - A legacy plan (2 page fact sheet) Explains how to use a payout annuity to distribute the proceeds of an estate while the investor is still living. January 2019 PDF only - Please print the PDF

Retiring? Make sure your money will last (2 page fact sheet)
Explains how to use a joint life annuity to provide a guaranteed paycheque for life.

March 2019 PDF only - Please print the PDF

Payout annuities - Worry-free retirement income (6 page brochure) Provides an overview of the payout annuity product and how it can serve as a guaranteed part of a client's retirement plan. Use this with your clients to support a walk through of the product or give to them as a take-away following a discussion of the product.

March 2019