Participating life insurance

Sun Par Protector II, Sun Par Accumulator II, and Sun Par Accelerator are designed for clients looking to preserve growing wealth. They provide an opportunity to participate in earnings from one of the strongest par accounts in Canada. Both offer choice and flexibility. Clients can benefit from the guarantees that come with participating whole life insurance.

Permanent life insurance

Sun Lifetime Alternative is a straightforward answer for permanent insurance protection. It offers affordable lifetime coverage with guaranteed level premiums for the first 10 years. After that, premiums may be adjusted annually depending on mortality experience, interest rates, investment performance, expenses, taxes and other factors. But a client will never pay more than the guaranteed maximum outlined in their contract.

Universal life insurance

SunUniversalLife II may be ideal for clients who’ve maximized their RRSPs, business owners looking to maintain the value of their business, and parents or grandparents who want to provide for children or grandchildren.


SunTerm is a customizable life insurance solution for clients. SunTerm can be tailored to meet clients' unique needs and maximize protection for their family or business.