Let the happiness begin

Almost 2 out of 3 retired Canadians say having guaranteed income is a source of happiness. And a combination of guaranteed lifetime income and income from government plans - even better.

Payout annuities provide the highest level of guaranteed lifetime income. Yet few Canadians expect to receive income from an annuity in retirement.* Help your clients reduce the big gap between what they want - and knowing how to get it.

The number one concern in retirement is having enough money to live comfortably throughout retirement. A payout annuity from Sun Life Financial can give your clients a monthly cheque for the rest of their lives. They'll have the peace of mind that comes with easier budgeting and planning for basic expenses.

Talk with your clients and educate them about the best source of lifetime guaranteed retirement income - a payout annuity. Combining your valuable advice with a solid retirement plan leads to happiness.

Happiness is knowing that you have choices in retirement.

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