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Part 1: Disruption

Ignoring disruption doesn’t make it go away

The financial industry is on the cusp of major change from technology disruption, robo-advice and changing Client expectations. In this episode, the 1st of a 3 part series, we uncover if advisors are at risk. We’ll also look at what they can do to prepare for and stay ahead of the change.

Part 2: Landscape of Advice

Why trust is your competitive advantage

As the financial advice landscape changes and new technology comes into the fold, advisors still have competitive advantages. In this episode, the 2nd of a 3 part series, we discuss ways that advisors can build trust and deliver the advice Clients need.

Part 3: The future of advice

How to stay ahead of disruption

In the last episode of this 3 part series, we talk about why disruption is an opportunity for the financial industry to improve the Client experience. We’ll also look at why advisors that embrace change will rise to the top.

Client segmentation

What it is and why you should start

It’s hard to balance a big client roster with limited time in the business day. Client segmentation is an effective strategy to narrow in on where your client time is actually going and who your ideal client is. It’s a fail-proof way to prioritize time for the right clients. Learn a simple and effective 4-step strategy using our free Ideal Client Analysis tool and access a full suite of resources to guide your segmentation work.