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Clients need your help to
pass on their legacy, their way.

Help Clients avoid family quarrels over their estate.
Work with them to make a plan now that captures their vision for the next generation.
Make time. It's a conversation worth having.

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working Canadians
don't have a will*

Let's talk about growing
your business with legacy planning

Sun Life GIFs resources

 Sun Life GIFs – Simplifying family
dynamics with the
legacy settlement option

Wills can be complex and complicated. Learn about the legacy settlement option with Sun Life Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIFs).

 Sun GIF Solutions –
Cost of settling an estate

Understand the emotional and financial cost of settling an estate and how Sun GIF Solutions can help mitigate these costs.

 Sun GIF Solutions –
Estate Series sell sheet

Learn how Sun GIF Solutions Estate Series can help form part of Clients' legacy plan.

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Let’s talk about growing your business with legacy planning