Our research, papers and podcasts can provide you with great insights on the latest in mental health trends and supports.

Designed for Health: A focus on mental health disability claims

This ground-breaking report provides a clear picture of the workplace mental health landscape – and strategies that can help. It analyzes long-term disability claims from our database of several hundred thousand plan members with disability insurance.

From pilot to launch: closing the gaps around access to mental health care

This Bright Paper outlines how online cognitive behavioural therapy and pharmacogenomics can improve mental health outcomes for your plan members.

Virtual care. Its time has come

Our new Bright Paper examines the rising trend of, and demand for virtual care services. It also explains why this growing trend is here to stay. Virtual care can support the physical and mental health of your plan members.

Innovations in Absence and Disability Management

Recent innovations in disability management are having a profound and positive impact – reducing the incidence and impact of disability in the workplace.

Empowering employees to improve their financial wellness

Financial wellness can significantly impact employees but it’s often overlooked as part of workplace health strategies. And the cost to employers can be high – with higher absence and disability rates, lower productivity, and increased drug plan claims due to physical and mental health issues. With individual debt loads high, savings low, and the potential for rising interest rates, this is an ideal time for employers to take action.

Chronic disease in the workplace: Focus on prevention and support

This Bright Paper addresses the issue of chronic disease, its impact on the workplace and how employers can mitigate the risk to their organization and support the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Make the link: healthy lifestyles and mental health

This Bright Paper focuses on five lifestyle factors that support mental health: exercise, nutrition, relationships, relaxation, and volunteerism.

Mental health in the workplace: A little training goes a long way

This Bright Paper addresses the “where do I start” question. It highlights the elements and benefits of mental health training for managers.

The workplace mental health landscape

Sun Life leaders discuss the findings from Sun Life’s latest Barometer Study – that mental health issues are on the rise while helpful resources remain untouched.

Mental health: access to care

Learn how to access care from different mental health professionals.