Resources for plan members

Your plan members have a role in maintaining good mental health. Here are some resources you can share with them to support mental health self-care.

Lumino Health Virtual Care

People are worried about health care access, cost and wait times. And in times like these, in-person access can be restricted even more. That’s why we’ve launched free virtual care until June 1, 2020 for all of our EHC clients.

Lumino Health Virtual Care helps plan members who need fast access to primary medical care. This includes mental health care. It can also help them decide whether more urgent care is needed, such as hospital emergency services. 

Initial visits are similar to a walk-in clinic, but 100% online. Plan members connect to the service through a mobile app or online. Once connected, the service triages the plan member before providing direct access to a care manager, nurse or physician. These initial consultations are free. For mental health, if ongoing advice and therapy is needed, this can be continued online. Like in-person counselling, eligible costs for ongoing online therapy can be reimbursed under their group benefits plan.

Mental Health Navigator

Mental Health Navigator (MHN) can be an early intervention for employees who are struggling with a mental health issue but still at work. MHN’s focus is to help employees with mental health issues before these conditions worsen and become a disability claim. This service is available through Teladoc Health’s Best Doctors as a part of our Extended Health Care (EHC) or Group Critical Illness (CI) benefit.

Lumino Health Centre

Lumino Health, an innovation from Sun Life, is Canada’s largest health network. It allows Canadians to find health and wellness information to support their health journey. Through the Lumino Health Centre, plan members can easily navigate, access and consume products and services to help them live healthier lives.

  • Discover regularly updated wellness and mental health content. Read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts and more.
  • Find and book appointments with a health-care professional through Lumino Provider Search.
  • Access exclusive savings and special offers through Lumino Resources & Offers.

Lumino Resources & Offers

We have a dedicated mental health section on Lumino Resources & Offers. It features resources from partners like Big White Wall and Beacon. Lumino Resources & Offers is a feature available to plan members. It leverages our scale and our vast network to surface value-add health-care solutions from providers and sources. These can help your employees manage their health and wellness, as well as their family’s.

Lumino Resources & Offers is available on the my Sun Life mobile app as well as on

Lumino Provider Search

Lumino Provider Search, which is available on both the  my Sun Life mobile app  and,  gives plan members easy access to search and engage with a wide range of peer-rated health-care professionals like psychologists across the country.

Plan members can look for the “virtual visits” icon to find a health-care provider that may offer virtual appointments (phone or video).

Sun Life RightDirections™ (EAP)

Professional, confidential assistance to help provide employees with support so they can bring their best to work every day. Employee Assistance Programs are a vital part of your overall organization health and disability management strategy. They provide professional counseling and support employees may need to resolve issues that can affect performance at work.

We have more information on our Sun Life RightDirections Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) brochure.