Designed for Savings: Our ground-breaking benchmark report on workplace savings plans.


We are pleased to present this year’s edition of Designed for Savings, our ground-breaking benchmark report on workplace savings plans.

Designed for Savings is packed with plan data, trends and analysis – and continues to provide the most comprehensive look at capital accumulation plans in Canada.

It’s been five years since we published our first Designed for Savings report. Now a staple in the capital accumulation plans industry in Canada, it gives a detailed snapshot of what Canadian employers offering workplace savings plans are doing with their programs. Just as important, it shows the actions plan members are taking with their savings opportunity. It’s a resource for plan sponsors, and the consultants supporting them, to benchmark a plan against a peer group.

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Looking back on the past five years, there are a few positive changes worth noting:

  • Shorter waiting periods for members to join plans
  • Diversification during periods of volatility
  • Continued growth in target date funds
  • Plan sponsors taking courageous actions

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