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Looking to the future of Canadian health care

Together, we can help Canadians live healthier lives

Millions of Canadians count on their employers to provide them with access to health care. Learn how we are bringing the latest health-care innovations to Canadians so they can live healthier lives.

Bending the benefits cost curve

Bending the benefits cost curve video clickable thumbnail

Making benefits dollars work harder! Learn how we’re driving cost savings by reading our Bright Paper!

Sun Life and Rise People

Sun Life and Rise People video clickable thumbnail

An all-in-one digital platform that brings HR, group benefits, payroll, as well as time and attendance seamlessly together.

Mental health solutions

Mental Health Solutions video clickable thumbnail

Improving mental health outcomes with better access to care, the right treatments and lower costs.

Digitizing disability

Digitizing Disability video clickable thumbnail

Innovations are reducing or eliminating the impact of the challenges faced by those on disability for both employees and employers.

Provider search tool

Provider search tool video clickable thumbnail

Search peer-rated health-care and paramedical providers, while also comparing costs to help save money.

Fraud data analytics

Maximizing plan sustainability through industry-leading data analytic technology coupled with a team of more than 100 fraud risk management professionals.

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