Updated: October 27, 2020

Some plan members may be thinking about traveling this winter. It’s important that you and your plan members understand their Out-of-Country coverage. This includes how it applies to COVID-19. 

  • Travel advisories: The Government of Canada still has many travel advisories in place. They continue to advise Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada. The COVID-19 situation continues to change, and some borders could close. If that happens, a plan member could have their coverage run out while they’re still abroad due to the trip duration
  • Trip time limit: For anyone who leaves Canada, the standard trip time limit in your contract applies. Plan members need to check their contracts to ensure their trip falls within these limits. There’s no extension to the trip time limit, even if travel home is
  • COVID-19 coverage: Our standard contract covers medical emergencies, even those relating to an epidemic or pandemic. We’ll treat a medical emergency resulting from COVID-19 in the same way as any other medical emergency outside Canada.

This plan member communication provides an overview of what they need to know if they travel abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please share this communication with your plan members. It’s important for them to know their coverage details before they commit to a trip abroad. 

Updated: July 23, 2020

Plan members may have a dependent who is, or will be, studying abroad. Based on travel advisories from the Government of Canada, here’s how we’re handling medical emergency coverage for students.

  • Students with an approved extension. If we’ve approved a request for an extension of medical emergency coverage, we’ll continue to honour their extension. We outlined the coverage period in their approval letter from us. 
  • Students without an approved extension. These students have coverage for the trip duration limit outlined in the contract. For now, we’re not extending coverage beyond the trip duration limit. This is due to various travel advisories from the Government of Canada.

 When the Government lifts the travel advisories, you can submit an extension request using our Continuation of coverage smart form. You can find the latest version of the smart form:

  • on our Plan Sponsor Site, or
  • by sending an email to your Group Benefits Representative

For all students, coverage ends on the date they reach the dependent student age limit. Your contract outlines this age limit.

It’s essential plan members know their coverage details before their dependent studies abroad. This plan member communication, How we’re handling medical emergency coverage for students, outlines important information about leaving Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, we’ll continue to treat a COVID-19 medical emergency the same way as any other medical emergency outside of Canada. We encourage you to share this communication with plan members.

We’ve updated the Out Of Country FAQ to help answer your questions.