A guide for employees: understanding mental health and supports available in the workplace:  

  • helps employees understand their own mental health risk,
  • provides guidance around speaking to their manager, and
  • identifies supports available to them on the job and through their plan.

We have a new webinar for people leaders to provide some guidance. Identifying and supporting employees at risk for mental health issues takes a closer look at:

  • manager responsibilities
  • spotting early warning signs, and
  • the importance of taking action early.

This discussion tip sheet  can help people leaders strike a balance when discussing performance and mental health issues.

Get practical advice on how you can support the mental health of your employees. This 10-minute video – featuring Sun Life psychologists and Directors of Mental Health Solutions Carmen Bellows and Valerie Legendre (French) – is available now.

Updated: April 3, 2020

We know that these are challenging times.  We encourage you watch our recorded webinar We’re all in this together: boosting our mental wellness, and share it with plan members.  Our Director, Mental Health Solutions and Registered Psychologist, Carmen Bellows, will guide you through possible ways to care for your mental wellness as we face extraordinary times together.

Learn how to: 

  • Get ahead of the stress curve.
  • Practice positive social distancing.
  • Find the mental wellness tools and resources available for you.

Your health and the health of plan members is a top priority. We’re all in this together.

Updated: April 30, 2020

Youlanda Hart, Director of Organizational Health, outlines how employers can focus on:

  • communication
  • culture, and
  • access to care

to support employee health and improve resilience in the organization.